Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello Beautyilicious!  Take the day off!  If you can't today, do it real soon.  It's essential to nurture your spirit, by taking care of your body and mind.  I am here by, giving you permission to stay in bed all day if you want.  You can watch movies and eat ice cream.  You can go by what your body tells you it wants.  Sometimes it needs to rest and relax.  For some, it needs to skydive, it's whatever you like.  Many people say, oh...but I have so much to do.  But I will tell you, the "stuff" can wait a day.  When you keep running around, minds never stopping, you can get worn out.  You body gets sick and needs to heal.  But you can hit the refresh button, just like on your computer.  Recharge yourself, by doing what you like.  Live on purpose and that could means going shopping, if that is what you have been wanting to do.  Let yourself have a vacation day, once a month.  You will thank yourself for it. 

Think only what you want to think about.  Or don't think at all.
Do things that feel good.  Treat yourself like you really are on vacation.
Stress, worry, regret, fear, doubt, and guilt are not allowed to come on vacay with you.
Laugh, play, dance, lounge, swim, eat, drink, stretch, and whatever your body likes. 

Your kids can eat peanut butter and jelly or cereal.  Having a happy parent means more to their health, than what's for dinner one night a month.  Or order take-out if you can. Cook if you enjoy it.  This is about a state of mind.  So even if you can't afford to go on vacation, make yourself have the feeling.  Dust will wait for you.  Laundry is very patient.  Yard work is going to be there tomorrow.  It's your life, you make the rules.  You get to define how you like to live and what you want to do.  By making yourself top priority, you show others, including your kids, how to be happy themselves.  Show other the way to be happy, by being happy.

And I did follow my own advice and did this last Thursday.  I sat on my sun porch, with a saucy novel, and read for hours.  In the afternoon, I even made a fruity cocktail, which is named Liquid Sunshine. Psst...I invented it and it's just Pino Grigio with chopped pineapple, but it's delicious!  I did do some laundry, but didn't fold it.  You see, sheets that were peed on by little kids cannot wait, but I still had my vacay state of mind.  We ordered pizza for dinner and watched a funny movie.  The Thursday before, we went to the beach from 1pm to 7pm and we had pizza on the beach for dinner.  This is how you make a fabulous life for yourself.  You think it up and then create it.

Knowing that how I feel is the most important thing, I take care of myself everyday.  When you are aware of your energy and how your vibe is, you have so much more to give.  Although, you have to balance that.  There is no..."Oh, I'm so sorry I can't help that day" (or do that thing for you).  I don't say "I feel so bad..." when I can't do things anymore.  You can't be everything to everybody.  Especially to be successful and happy, you have to know what to say no to, and what to say yes to.  You can tell by the feeling inside, it gives you.  You have your answers within.  You really are a ROCKSTAR!  And Rockstars deserve vacations.  And another secret is:  You can live in the vacation state of mind all the time.  Just by treating yourself with kindness, following your bliss, doing things that make you feel good, and focusing on the like being on vacation.  That sense of freedom is always where, should you choose to accept the mission.  Your mission is:  TO LOVE YOURSELF UNABASHEDLY.  Now....GO!  Over and out, Roger! 

LOL!  Can you tell I have have little kids.  ;)