Friday, September 30, 2011

Simplicity in Fabulosity!

Fabulosity is actually on

It is defined as: 
1.  Fabulousness
2.  A fabulous or fictitious story

On urban dictionary, it has many meanings.  You define it, just like your life,  for yourself.  Living a life of
fabulosity can be glamorous, rich, and high-end, or just just feel good!  For me everyday is fabulous, I am fabulous, the world is fabulous.  I live intentionally, authentically, from joy and revel in feel good emotions EVERY day!  Whatever you focus on, you create more of, so if you appreciate a lot of things...more things to appreciate will flow into your life.  We can get busy, especially Mommies, forget to stop and breathe.  It takes just a second, to center and appreciate, in the NOW moment.  Start simple.  Appreciate your yummy coffee. 

I am a stay at home Mom, as well as a writer, and many other fabulous things in the future.  If you are a working mom, you can start with getting something delicious to drink, on your drive to work, or for when you get there.  Listen to your favorite music on the drive, or bask in the quiet time, but slow down the mind chatter/to-do list.  Starting out your day, intentionally focusing on good vibrating emotions, sets the tone for your day.  When you are a stay-at-home mom, or work from home mom, you are sometimes in sweats and no makeup all day.  If you can get dressed and spiff yourself up, you feel amazing.  Exercise, of course, will raise your vibes also.  I am a silly girl and am going to list the simple things I appreciate, inspired by loading the dishwasher.

I love when you load up the dishwasher-to the max-like Tetris, pull-through spots in parking lots, vibrant leaves in autumn, hot chocolate, a stranger holding the door for me, an awesome song on the radio, laughing so hard and not being able to stop, thunderstorms, snow storms, bright blue skies, SUNSHINE, people's cool tattoos, fierce fashion, new nail polish, red lipstick, getting my hair done, watching TV at 10pm while folding clothes and drinking  glass of wine, writing blog posts, sparkly things, finding seashells, bright colors, beautiful flowers, butterflies, turtles, frogs, peacocks, puppies, good books, A-HA moments, good conversations, hugs, kisses, kids, kind words and compliments, the ocean, the moon, getting things on sale, art, photography, and I could keep going on....FOREVER!  When you start listing, the energy just keeps going. 

Going through your day, whatever comes up, find the GOOD.  Look for more, appreciate lots, love MUCHO!  No matter what other's realities are, let them be.  You don't have to have an opinion.  Who cares what so-and-so is doing.  When all you do is judge, you feel like sludge.  You don't have to solve everything today or know how everything is going to work out. Trust the Universe will work it out, the solutions will show up.  Let go, go with the flow, you really do know.  So smile, relax for a while.  Have an awesome weekend!  Live a life of fabulosity!!! 

P.S.  If things get screwy, take a deep breath, deal with it and move on.  Get happy, a quick as you can.  And be easy with yourself.  You really are perfect, just the way you are!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Affirm Bootylicious style

Fitness is many things to many people.  You can be at war with it, your body, or food.  Beating yourself to get a hot bod is not really going to bring you the you joy you are seeking.  Being positive, full of energy, and getting moving is a BRILLIANT idea.  I was inspired today when I was doing lunges to do affirmations, to motivate myself to finish.  "I am a sexy bitch," was the first thing that came to mind.  And because like attracts like, more flooded my head.  I thought, why not, infuse my workout with affirmations. 

First, ask yourself, why am I working out?  What is my intention?  Mine is to be strong and fit and FEEL GOOD.  Adding affirmations is going to supercharge your workout.  You are giving your body, extra oxygen, movement, attention, intention, endorphins and love.   Now, let's get moving.  Here's a list of affirmations that you can  use during any exercise or just whenever you feel like it!  My goal is to inspire you all to love yourself.  I am not a fitness expert, my focus is for you to feel good.  I have been bulimic, anorexic, lost weight, gained weight, and have found my answer finally and for good.  I wanted to feel good.  I thought looking good would make me feel good.  The key is, it is all in your thinking.  The more you think positively on a conscious level, it will sink into you subconscious and you will start thinking more good thoughts.  YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU ROCK! Other recommendations are "The Secret" and "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne, Louise Hay is the Queen of affirmations and anything from Abraham-hicks.  My goal is to inspire you all to love yourself.  Here's a list of affirmatons to use during exercise or whenever you feel like it. 

Jennylicious juice on Exercise: 
"I AM a Vivacious, Voluptuous Vixen!"

"I AM Delicious, Dynamic Diva!"

"I AM a Sassy, Strong Sexpot!"

"I AM a Amazing, Ablicious Angel!"

"I AM a Magnificent, Muscular Muffin!"

"I AM a Fabulous, Fit Female!"

"I AM a Healthy, Happy Hottie!"

"I AM a Bodacious, Beautiful Babe!"

"I AM a Planking Princess!"  (Good for Pilates)

"I AM a Luscious, Lovely Lady!"

"I AM a Fierce, Flexible Fox!"

"I AM a Sexy, Strong Stud!"  (For men)

"I AM a Workout Warrior!"

"I AM Toned, Thin, & Trim!"

"I AM the exercise Queen!'

"I have a rockin' body!"

"I AM A ROCKSTAR!"  (always a powerful one)

"I AM a Sexy Bitch!"  (hehe)

~Beginning with just a walk is a great start.  I love walking outside, it connects me with nature and my Higher self at the same time. If you are not feeling good, in any way about yourself, start warming up your mind. Saying things like "I love the sky.  I love the trees.  I love the flowers."  And hey, you can say "I love chocolate, your kids, wine," or whatever makes you feel a little better,  By softening your mood, you will be more receptive to affirmations about yourself.  Saying "I am beautiful" is a perfect affirmation, to get in the groove.  It doesn't matter about whether your hair is in a bun on top of your head, you have a zit, or you have weight to lose.  It is inside of you.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  YOU ARE WORTHY!  Remember, don't compare anyone's weight loss, body, or journey to yours.  It dishonors both of you, creating competition.  When you start talking nice to yourself, things will change for you in many wonderful ways.  I am cheering for you ALL!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bake a cake!

Looking at my facebook newsfeed or yahoo page, I am reminded of other people's reality, thoughts, and feelings.  I LOVE metaphors so what came to mind is that life is cake.  People say, Life's a piece of cake, right?  They say, there are many ways to bake a cake.  Now, really if we treated other people's life choices the same way as how they bake their cake, we would have less judgment.  You wouldn't really care if they like vanilla, chocolate, or sprinkles mixed in.  My mind was full of ideas about this like:  Some like low-fat, no-fat, decadent, rich, simple, store bought, from scratch, easy way, complicated, multi-layer, with many toppings, and you could go on FOREVER!  When you look at the choices people make, you don't have to have an opinion on all of them.  it doesn't have to do with you.  Let them have their cake.  Some of them won't even eat it.  LOL!  You know, having your cake and eating it too.  My friend, Cheryl Jones, say "Having your cake and eating it too, one delicious bite at a time."  Isn't that yummy?  She loves to savor every bit of loveliness in her life and cake.  While others just want to bake as many damn cakes, as they can, without even tasting the flavors.  With my children, I would not make them like plain vanilla cake, with buttercream frosting, if they like double-devil-decadent-delicious chocolate cake.  Which they all like the richest chocolate and most of the time wear most of the cake also.  And like cake, they get to choose their interests.  I feed them, love, them, guide them, but I do not want to tell them what to like or think.  I lead by example and they will learn by my vibes, not my words as much.  They see a Mommy who loves life and tries to raise her vibes even higher everyday, who has fun everyday doing it.  If I mess up, I get over it.  If they mess up, we get over it, quick.  My oldest, who is fourteen, has seen me go through my twenties.  I always tell her she was my experiment.  I just adore her.  I love watching her grow into this amazing, confident, smart, sassy lady.  I give her room to grow.  I can give her my recipe for cake but ultimately she is going to choose her cake and how she is going to bake it. 

Now I want cake!  If I was a cake, I would be red velvet with some chocolate chips on top.  have a delicious life and enjoy your cake.  Remember, other people's cake is their cake and if they choose to share it with you, tell them their cake is great.  Lovies to all, with sprinkles on top!

Jennyworld-starring Jennylicious!

Energy goes where attention flows.  ~Michael Beckwith

A few weeks ago, my husband was told that the two restaurants he was the executive chef at, were closed for good.  Shocker.  It was surreal to all the employees.  The Hispanic employees thanked him for how kind he had been to them and he felt really good hearing that.  It was a sad but loving parting for all of them.  I know for all of them, when one door closes, another opens.  The Universe has something brewing for them and they will be fine.  I envision a beautiful outcome for all of them.  That is the most honoring thing to do for them.  I know for my husband that all is well, everything is working out perfectly for us.  I am a spiritual person and fun and deep is my thing.  I am walking my talk.

I was very surprised but I never had any fear.  I know fear, doubt, and worry cuts of my flow.  I did not tell many people because they would go to worry and I will not allow anyone to make me feel anything.  No pity city here.  I was actually excited to put what I know into practice.  My husband and I make a great team and are the most connected we have ever been.  We had many business contacts immediately to draw from to look for another job.  I had so much appreciation in knowing that he was so supported by many people.  He has an interview on Wednesday!  Wahoo!  I remember seeing on Oprah, a special about the Secret and this woman in the audience spoke of her husband losing his job and how they opened up a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  That meant the Universe had something greater in for them, if they just trusted that.  I felt like that in a weird way.  The point is you have options.  You can worry and be sad.  Or you can trust and allow the perfect future to unfold for you.  It's what people mean when they say letting go and letting God.  My choice is to focus on the highest place within myself and life,  I focus my thinking. 

I am focused on my personal alignment, always.  I am aware of circumstances that can lower my vibe, which my children are always good at providing me opportunities.  I find that words don't really convey how I feel, but I can say that I am in a place of knowing.  I am more interested in dreaming, imagining, and feeling than limiting myself or my future.   I write my blog, on my facebook page, my second book, and currently looking for a literary agent/publisher for The Jennifers.  Abundance is flowing always, I am so appreciative for unemployment money.  My husband's future is so bright and mine is glowing so bright, you better put on your shades.  People may not understand why I am the way I am, but I know by the Law of Attraction that what you focus on, you create more of.  Like attracts thoughts in words, thoughts, energies, things, or whatever manifestations.  I have been loving him being home.  We fall in love more everyday, when we just stay connected to out higher selves.  He cooks yummy food and he's got a great tush!  He has great calm energy too.  The kids loving him being home and he has organized some closets.  YAY!  Life is good!  We have a place to live, food in our fridge, clothes in our closets, toys to play with, TV's to watch, cars to drive, a computer to work on, nature to enjoy, and so much love to feel.  I live in my own world and it is amazing in here.  ;)

You either coming from love or fear, in any moment.  I choose love, moment by moment, I get to choose.  Have an AMAZING day!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Sizzlers Birthday!

Not the Sizzler restaurant...Sizzer is the term for hot sisters, that my hot sister and I call each other.  We are often asked if we're sisters or twins.  We both have a love of fashion, shoes, and accessories.  I think this is because our Mom dressed us in adorable, coordinating, stylish outfits as kids. We can keep a joke going, way longer than anyone would think is human possibly.  We will still be cracking up days later.  My Dad tease you if he likes you and we both got that from him. 

I can't believe you are thirty today, even though I am already thirty-four, you're my baby sister.  Through the years, we're laughed and fought but had the strongest bond throughout.  Our memories are priceless from seeing the Easter bunny in our house, for real.  Watching thunderstorms together, microwaving  marshmallows, watching Shag/Teen Witch/Son-in-law about a million times, and even boogie boarding down a  snowy hill in our backyard.  We watched Daddy's car park itself in the snow, watch him save a bird, and convinced him to order take-out everyday.  It was delish!  Putting the fake Christmas trees together with Mommy, she always made EVERY holiday special with decorations and presents.  I am so glad we have the pictures to capture love-filled family life we had, growing up.

Now you are an old woman.  LOL.  I am so proud of all the hard work you did to become a nurse and will be cheering you as you get you RN diploma.  You are fabulous, smart, and funny.  I taught you it all.  :)  I look forward to many more fun times with you ahead.  Barnacle Bill is always waiting in the ocean for us to find him.  And we have a Girl's Night Out to plan soon.  Maybe there will be more piggyback rides and I know we will have some hilarious pictures for sure!  I love you!  Happy Birthday Lizzy! 

P.S.  Thanks for being my first cheerleader for my book.  SIZZLERS SPARKLE!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't let others define, whether you $parkle and $hine

Look at your pretty face
and see it’s full of grace

You are the great love of your life-see
Just imagine all things you can do and be

Squeeze out of life all the juice
it’s time to let loose

What are you waiting for
Acting like everything’s a bore

It’s Ok to be different-Belle
Badass, maverick, renegade, or rebel.

Make up your own mind,
after seeing what you find

Standing out from the crowd
can seem somewhat loud

You can follow a fad
or see for yourself what’s rad

You can channel an old screen siren
that you been admirin’

Just  let go of drama
& you’ll radiate fab-o-rama

TA-DAH-They’ll say Ooh la la
je ne sais quoi
Joy will never cease
when you got inner peace

Amp up the vibrant energy you are
It will definitely get you very far

Don’t  others define
whether you sparkle and shine

Be like a bumblebee
Finding flowers-making honey
It’s all about the joie de vivre
Say I love me!

Here’s what I gotta say
 I love me-YAY!
Even more everyday

Let me count the ways
I’ve come out of the haze

Revealing the gem I am
Totally acting like a ham
And making you a jam

Listen up-you’re a big deal
It’s time to do a cartwheel

Never let someone make you feel like a fool
You’re such a jewel

Labels are for expensive purses- Dolly
Living for others is always a folly

Set yourself free & be jolly
Everyone will say Oh-Golly

Some may jeer,
many more will cheer
Have no fear,
let your soul steer

it starts as a murmur
Be yourself-is the answer

Your dreams will give birth,
when you know your self-worth

Take a chance
Start to dance

Roll the dice
Enjoy paradise

Don’t you see-Hun
Life is meant to be fun

It’s something to explore
embrace and adore

Feeling good isn’t risky
Let yourself be frisky

Don’t  others define
whether you sparkle and shine

Be like a bumblebee
Finding flower-making honey
It’s all about the joie de vivre
Say I love me!

Here’s what I gotta say,
 I love me-YAY!
Even more everyday

Let me count the ways
I’ve come out of the haze

Revealing the gem I am,
Totally acting like a ham
Making you this jam