Monday, December 27, 2010

Simplify to magnify

Sometimes simple is better and simple changes can make magnificence results.  Whatever you are focused on, thinking about, dwelling, appreciating-is magnified.  If you want your life to change-change your life.  It starts with your thoughts and beliefs first.  Nearing the end of the year, it's a brand new year-what could be better?  Instead of dwelling on the past, I like to dwell in the possibilities

~If you want to feel peaceful, read/watch/surround yourself with peaceful things.  Let silly arguments go for the sake of peace, especially if the other person can't see the error of their ways.  It's not even about meditation or yoga, it's about maybe taking quiet time to drink you coffee in the morning or going for a walk.  If you are constantly busy, the TV is always on, constant stimulation overload and it works for you-great-maybe it's exciting for you.  If you want more peace, make it for yourself, don't wait for it to happen to you.

~If you want to be happier, more positive, have more fun-FIND it!  Surround yourself with those kind of people that make you laugh and feel good.  How do you feel with the though-I'll be happy when...or I am happy when...  You can find it NOW.  OK, so your boss is a jerk, your kids misbehave...whatever it can think about something that makes you happy.  Even food, shopping, or TV that makes you happy good.  Not that you should go overboard with any of that-but ENJOY your life.

~If you don't like people judging you or talking negatively about you-take a look from a different perspective.  Find the good in others, judge and gossip less, be kind to yourself and see things change.

~It's nothing new.  If you want to be accepted, accept others.  I you want people to respect you, respect them, even if you don't agree with them.  If you want to be loved, love yourself and others.  Whatever you want more of, focus on that.  Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solves at the same level that created them."  Think from a deeper perspective or a higher perspective to makes the changes.

~If you want your life to change-you just don't know how-write in a journal.  Write a letter to yourself in the past, present, or future.  When you write, your inner wisdom comes through.  If you feel like you are stuck-in any part of your life-write from the future.  What would it be like from the place of having your goals accomplished or being happy.  

If things are going great for you-WONDERFUL-appreciate it!  I believe that creates more good stuff.  Try it as an experiment.  I've learned if I thinking negatively, I find more things I don't like.  If I am feeling good, I find more good things popping up to appreciate!  It's the Law of Attraction.  If you are in a good mood are a vibrational match to people in a good mood.  If you are in a bad mood, the people in good mood annoy the crap out of you.  It's the same with positive/negative, happy/annoyed, healthy/sick, prosperous/poor,etc. And remember it's all relative.  To someone in a third world country-you are rich!  If you hate your job-change jobs or make peace with it-someone else wishes they had a job.  It's all perspective.  Today, it was freezing in parts of my house (45 degrees), I put my robe over my pjs, made hot chocolate-at least I don't live in a hut!  LOL  I'm not going for being perfect all the time-I'm just going for HAPPY!  That's works for me-do whatever works for you!

I'm super excited about 2011, I love the idea of the newness and fresh starts!!!  It is a great time to be alive.  Wishing you all the best, there's more than enough to go around!  :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fran, the Man.

My Daddy is Fran and he's the MAN!  He use to drive me crazy, now he amuses me.  We live in different worlds, mine has feelings and rainbows, his has facts and sports.  I always look for the good in people and he was always trying to protect me from getting hurt.  He has taught me to not care what others think and I have taught him to think about other people's feelings.  It's an interesting job for fathers to try to relate to their daughters and daughters to figure out their dads...or is that the other way around?  What we have in common is a LOVE for our family, food, laughing, oldies music, and Neil Diamond.  That's all you need right?  If it were up to him maybe I'd be a meat eating, sports playing, quiet person.  Haha!  He would have nothing to tease me about then-that's how he loves me-busting my chops.  If he likes you, he makes fun of you with a big smile on his face.  He means no harm.  Don't worry, you'll know if he doesn't like you, he just won't talk to you.  He's been known to get into an argument with guys thirty years younger who back down from him.  It's his mob vibe-he's always given off this mobster feeling, especially when he's in a suit.

What he also taught me are sayings and words that no one else uses.  I call them: Franisms.  Some come from back in the day maybe or where he grew up in Philadelphia (Fishtown) but here's a sample. Pretty much almost every day, we'll be talking about someone and he says, "Somethin' not right there."  He has a good  good people radar though, from his years of bartending.  If you are ever sitting next to him at church, you'll be cracking up. He will comment about someone's baby, "that baby looks like Abe Bagoda" or someone we have never heard of.  Or "that kid looks like he was hit was an ugly stick."  He is never quiet and if someone notices I just smile, what are you gonna do, he's funny!  He has that razor sharp wit.  "She ain't no box of chocolates" when he's referring to people, we do or do not know, that are not perfect.  Because we of course are perfect.  This can be used with celebrities or politicians also.  "He's losing his feathers," means a man is going bald.  "Soup coolers" are big lips.  "Double seaters" are people with a little junk in their trunk.  My Dad, mind you, is very athletic but not thin.  He means no harm, my grandmother use to tell it like it is also.  "Bum wheels" is when you have bad feet.  He's got some "bad Chiclets" (remember that gum) means teeth.  If a little kid wakes up from a nap in hysterics, they are like "a bag of cats."  Totally true!  If you ask him too many questions, he says, "Whada writin' a book?"  If you put a second helping on your plate, "The governor called," as in you will not be executed.  When we watch vacationers on the beach, who are letting it all hang out, "I guess they don't have mirror."  One time we were walking on a sixty degree day and this older lady had ear muffs and gloves and he say, "She looks like she is going to a snowstorm"  Not Alaska or Antarctica, a snowstorm!  My husband and I laughed out loud. 

You never know what he's gonna say, it keeps things exciting.  My kids are quite amused by him also-he is a wonderful grandfather.  I'm glad they bring him so much joy.  And he gives them the best bear hugs.  My dad, Francis Xavier Glenning is your modern day Archie Bunker and like Archie, loves his family, he knows what's best for everyone-and he's going to tell you. He's one of a kind.  I love my Dad!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday sparkle

If I could, I would glitterize and bedazzle the world.  Not nature, but abandoned, dilapidated buildings, even though there is beauty in them also.  Nature is sparkly, like the glistening snow, light dancing on the ocean as the waves flow, and remember gems come from nature.  Every day, the world takes my breath away in some way, the awesome Universe unfolds more magically and miraculously than the day before.    The sunshine brightens the sky everyday making the clouds happy and sunsets feel their worth.  I see angels form in the clouds and even rainbows. 
Aww...and my flowers which are a reason in itself to be born into a body to see, smell, and enjoy.   As much as I like sparkles, I LOVE colors.  I love mixing paint to create new colors, the giant box  of crayons with the amazing names-oh the possibilities.  What blows my mind every spring is the different colors of flowers that bloom, there are neon!  I know that there are fish and other sea creatures that are electric, shimmering, and bright-I'd nice to see you up close one day! 
There's more colors and sparkly things this time of year than any other time-I LOVE it!!!  The holidays also bring me back to that child-like wonder at life.  All the lights twinkle, making my heart sing, making me believe in all that is good.  People hold the door at the store, wishing me a wonderful holiday-the whole world begins to feel like one big family.  Christmas carols have this secret power to raise the energy of the room.  Holidays movies all have a message of hope and remind us to really cherish our families-dysfunction and all.  Even making the Christmas cookies remind us to play-create-get our hands into making something FUN.   Take time to appreciate...whatever you LOVE!  Lots of Love-to you all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

That damn 10 lbs.

Everyone knows what I'm talking about.  Wanting to lose 10...or however many pounds for this new year.  It's never about the weight. it's the way it makes you feel.  When I was 10 pounds lighter, I felt sexy and good about myself...but then there was the part that still felt that I needed to lose more, that was hungry, had to workout of beat myself up.  I saw an actress, Jessica Alba, on The Talk and she explained how she lost 50 lbs in three months for a job.  She worked out 6 hours a day (yes- 2hrs in morn, mid-day, and night) and had 1200 calorie a day program.  She said she was so hungry and crying all the time.  I was so glad a celebrity was honest about it. 

Do you say, screw it, I give up.  No, I tried that, you just get really fat and feel worse.  Realizing that what I want is the feeling that I would get from flat abs.  Confidence, self-esteem, feeling flirty & fun about yourself.  It's like wanting more money, why do you want more money.  Money brings freedom, peace, sense of security, and opportunities for fun and being able to really enjoy life.  Well, find ways to get the feelings you want instead of waiting til that day when it all comes together.  Then they'll be something else you want or need to work on.  Life is growth and change constantly.  So instead of the new year resolution of the losing 10 lbs, I could list the 10 pounds of excess mental baggage.

3.Need for control
4.Playing victim
5.Self criticism
7.Feelings of lack

WOW, tall order.  I feel lighter already!  Holding negative feeling to me is not for me.  I am on a quest to always let go and move to a better place, ALWAYS!  Get mad, hug it out, move on.  Life is meant to be lived!  Moment by moment, in any situation, find the pocket where it feels better and slide into it and then again.  Looking for the silver lining, letting go, surrendering, and the struggle eases up.  My wish for the New Year is that everyone gets what they want and find what they are looking for.  And when in doubt, look within,, past in inner cynic and you know.  You can look above but God is all around.  Find a way to be happy now and you will find more to be happy about. 

Weight loss tip (I've had to lose it many times)
Dance for exercise or do what is fun to you for exercise.  Make it a challenge, not a struggle with setting weight loss goals.   Find good for you food and enjoy them. If you want to eat something "bad", relish it!  It's not acuially bad, it's just freakin' food. It has no power, unless you give it some. Be grateful for you food, bless it, or just be happy eating it-why not feel good about life even when you are trying to lose weight.  Don't call it a DIET, to me it's a four letter word.  I'd chose to LOVE myself instead.  Choosing to say to people when you are passing up some crappy food you don't need, say I'm not in the mood for that or I'm eating healthy, making changes (whatever feels empowering to say.)   Look in the mirror and smile, tell yourself you ROCK, you're fabulous, you love yourself, you are....(fill in the blank for what you want to be called.)  No one's looking-  do a little dance.  Dance to the music in your head.  I have Bootylicious playing in mine.  :)
Why not just love yourself today. Wishing you LOVE & LIGHT!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I love to plant seeds wherever I go.  Encouraging others to believe in themselves and thinking that maybe things can change.  Change starts with the seed which is your thoughts.  I know I was meant to help people.  I always try to see the good in others and I'm trying my best. One of my wishes is for everyone to live their fullest potential, their true nature.  I have to be myself to encourage others.  My true nature is to be silly and spiritual.  I can read self-help books and loves fashion.  Drive a min-van while wearing high heels.  Meditate and then watch Real Houswives of wherever.  (Me, no?)  LOL  Whatever.  Who cares?  Usually no one does but you think they do.   

Start with baby steps or just put it all out there.  Your real friends will understand and encourage you.  In fact, your real friends probably think you are even cooler than you think you are.  I have been blessed to have family and friends that love me deeply.  I thought I had to be serious and be who I thought everyone wanted.  I would never want anyone to be anything but authentic.  An example would be that I would agree when I didn't.  If people do not like me because I have a different opinion, that is on them.  I send them Light and Love, wishing them well.  I have to practice what I preach to my kids.  I have written before and feel it is very important- be a thought COP.  No Comparing yourself to others.  Opinions of others mattering more than you own.  People Pleasing-ugh!  I did this for 32 years and it got me nowhere but lost!  I have made changes to my thinking over the past year.

I read a lot, listened to many amazing teachers there are out there.  I have learned, you can blend being a spiritual person in real life.  I have also learned so much, internally, from meditating every day.  That is where we can connect with God and our intuition.  One message I got last night was: You are becoming who you are.  I am being the real me.  I believe in angels and all that woo-woo stuff and I am a happy person.  That doesn't mean everyone else does because I respect others rights to be themselves.  I also got that: There is a sunset in your heart of the old you and the sunrise of the new.  Pretty cool!  I have been getting really clear about what I want and dealing with my "stuff".  Does this mean I am perfect?  No!  That's not the goal.  My intention is to be happy and help people. I would like to publish my fiction book and eventually write a non-fiction book that can help people.  I'd love to be a healer, speaker, and whatever way God can use me.  Why?  Why not?  It is a always fun to think about the possibilities...for blooming.  And like they say...Bloom where you are planted. 

I hope all your dreams come true!   

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Metaporical Closet of your Life

I don't think I know-it-all but I think everyone knows something.  Sometimes you think you've learned your lesson, only to repeat it again.  I'm a like to reflect on life-never regret-dwell-or any of that.  What's done is done, move on...but I like to sort out closet of my mind (every once in a while.)  Sounds crazy...but it's my way of seeing where I am at and how I've grown, what I change.

When it's time to clean out your closet-you find many things.  Things you have outgrown (whether by eating to much, change in style, or you got bored with it.)  There are things you forgot you had-that you really like and are going to start wearing them again.  There are your go-to things that you use often and you might not even LOVE them...but they are comfortable in fabric or style.  You may see that you lack certain things, with an overabundance over others.  It feels so good hauling out bags of clothes and stuff to donate to Goodwill.  I am not a hoarder but very sentimental, so if I found out my grandmother's gaudy cocktail ring was worth $10,000 I wouldn't even sell it.  Your closet tells a story of your life, what you are about...there most likely is history there.  I even still have my prom dress.  Now I love nostalgia, there comes a point where you have to let it go.  Reflecting on whether it serves you or not.  My best friend, Tricia, and I were discussing the parallels of life and our closets.

When I take stock of my life and wrap my mind around it, I find my thoughts arising.  Thoughts of what I think about myself, my parenting, my goals, my faults, and my strengths come up.  I do this with the goal of detachment, of not judging but observing.  You can look at picture of the past and think who thin you were, how young you were, and how happy or unhappy you were.  I make mistakes, grow & learn...rinse and repeat.  That's life!  If you are smart, you try not to keep repeating the smart mistakes but it happens.  I'm always on a quest for new ways to look at or deal with situations that bother me.  As a parent, you are always in adapting mode, trying to guide without controlling...managing....without losing your mind.  If I am wrong, mess up, or yell, I apologize.  That's not who I want to be.  If I feel jealousy, competition, self-doubt, I steer my thoughts in another direction.  You are the master of your thoughts, you can decide to change to a new way of thinking.  It takes focus to do this but it is so worth it.

If you don't like drama...walk away from it.  You are thinking how mad you are and there's conflict but you decide the anger isn't worth the price, especially the feelings getting hurt.  Every day is that new fork in the road to choose your path.  I have found for myself, writing down negative feelings I have felt and changing them into a positive helps me.  If you feel you are too fat or something external, you still have a choice.  You can chose your thoughts.  Go in your literal closet and put something on that brings out your eyes or your best attribute.  Look in the mirror and say, "You are fabulous!"  Laugh at the silliness of it or just smile.  People will think you are fabulous-you have nothing to lose.  HAVE FABULOUS-FUN-FILLED DAY!  And clean out your closet, you'll feel better.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journey to Journaling

When I'm feeling lousy, confused, or need some insight-start to write.  There are many different perspectives you can come from: your ego/negative feelings, your Higher Self/positive self, or just a different angle of thinking.  I don't advise to stay on the negative, just get the negative out of you head - onto paper and then switch to a lighter perspective.  Say for instance, you had a fight with someone, you can get out your frustrations and then see from a higher perspective where they are coming from, until you feel forgiveness and let go-feeling lighter.  Or if you are feeling bad about yourself, being a perfectionist or confused about your purpose/gifts you bring to the world.  In this scenario: list all the things that are good about you, which you may not feel to be totally true but embrace the good stuff people say.  God shines through us all and everyone has so many unique and wonderful qualities about them if we can cultivate them- we shine!  Another tip on the journey is: If you are feeling boo-hoo about having enough cash for Christmas or in general about all the stuff the "Joneses" have, list what you are grateful for.  You will feel better, I promise!!!  We are so blessed and lucky in America, if you are reading this on a computer, breathing with ease, with a least one person who thinks you're alright-you are blessed!  ;)  (Side note: I knew Joneses that we skinny blonde and rich-LOL)  

Some other ideas are if you want to change something in your life, figure out what's next-Ask you guardian angels for some help, I ask for Truth, Clarity, and Understanding all the time in my prayers or meditation.  If you need more info, comment and I'll get back to you.  Also, we are all so damn smart and wise so feel free to comment on something so I can learn from you.  What can I say, God gave me the gift to gab and write, but I promise I can LISTEN!!!  :)  Enjoy the magic of Christmas!   

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are you thinking?

One good thought can lead to another. If you can't think of one, you're not trying hard enough. Anyone can complain but it takes more to rise above it. From there, you see things differently and more clearly. Live deliberately, on purpose, from what you want and you just might get it. You want peace, be peaceful, let go off what you can. It's freeing. If you want to be happy, figure out what makes you happy and be glad when others find theirs.

If you want to love your body, think of how glad you are that you are healthy. There is always wiggle room in how you think, you aren't locked in forver to your thinking today. If you steer your thoughts where you want, even the slightest, you feel relief. Everyone else may think, it's crappy out...blah x3 but you can think...anything that makes you feel BETTER. Better makes it better and so forth, even if you start thinking crappy agin, redirect. Instead of the yellow brick road, think your hot pink, leopard, aqua, purple polka dot, etc. and I'm sure ther is something good about something to focus on. A T.V. show, a trip, a meal, even those things can help or think of someone you love and generate more good'll be surprised at the little bit of relief you can feel. Stuff comes up in life that we don't like but at soem point we do have control on how it plays out, even if it's only in our thoughts (or reactions to it.) It's not about being perfect, just about feel GOOD, to me. Even if I say, well I surrender, I feel lousy. I always pray about it, let go and let God )or whatever you feel comfortable with). Many Blessing to all and the BEST Thanksgiving EVER! I hope someone thanks you for being in their life. xoxo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

*Need to be right*

I like to be right,  we all do.  But I will sometimes keep acting like a yipee dog when I know I'm wrong, I just keep going.  Knowing when to surrender doesn't mean you're weak, it means that you realize you're really not losing anything anyway.  There can be more than one right, we can all be right, and seriously who cares sometimes.  My ego, or the part of me that always needs to prove itself, loves the conflict.  The wiser, real true part of me, doesn't even say my opinion if it causes drama.  If someone's energy is such that you know there is no benefit to dicussing your differing opinions, don't bother.  My 20-something self use to get so annoyed if my opinion wasn't respected.  I thought I had to be right but really I wanted to be respected and UNDERSTOOD.  When you really think about it, it's inpossible to understand anyone's viewpoint, when you haven't lived in their shoes.  It's a waste of time and energy, I have learned this from my kids.  Arguing about what color something is, or whether that was a rude comment, oh what...nonsense.  They say don't sweat the small stuff and I get it.  This can be applied to life, family & friends included.  I just keep allowing the better part of me to shine through...biting my tongue and just sending love instead.  In the end...what matters most, the love we give or how many times we were right.  Sending love to everyone, give thanks for your blessings and may they be mutiplied.     

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keepin' it real

I complain.  We all do.  I work on these all the time.  Complaining comes from the victim consciousness, we all have played victim at some point, in our dramas.  I have felt like the kids were out to get me, they are being messy on purpose.  Saying something to kids (like don't leave wet towels on your bedroom floor) 1000x and they still do it, is somewhat unnerving.  So I can either: 1. Pick up the towels and be mad.  2. Make the kids do it and .  3.  Pick and the towels, and be happy about it.  Ask the kids to do it, in a nice way.   My thinking is I can either do it or have them do it but not let myself get unhappy.  I believe it's a choice because I know...there's a moment where I can decide. 

If you want to judge others, leave them alone, it won't make you feel better.  I always judged other, without even realizing it.  They are either better than me or not, in some way.  It's how I placed myself or understood the world.  Looking at it from a higher perspective, as I try to remember, other people are living in thier own world and doing their best.  In their world, you are wrong and they are right.  This is from their experience,  let it go.  It really has nothing to do with you.  I try to work on my need to be right or understood or heard.  I know for me, judgement and God do not exist together.  I know that judging myself and other are one in the same.  I can always send someone love when I want to judge and not waste the energy on going there. (They should do this or that).  It's either postive or negative energy that I'm putting out there and I try to tip the scales towards the positive.  God certainly doesn't want me dishonoring myself or others in judgement. 

I don't pretend to know everything but I like to share my perspective.  Love thy neighbor.  Do onto others as you would want done onto you.  As my three year old is having temper tantrum right now, I want to yell, and control the situation.  I ask him to calm down, give him a hug and work it out, teaching him a better way.  That's what I would want someone to do when I'm having a "moment."  Blessings and best wishes to everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Risk and Grow

        Every day, we put ourselves out there, because life's a stage.  Unless you live in Antartica, you are doing something where we may be judged.  People can critique your clothes, your parenting, or your work.  Today, an author who is a friend, was kind enough to help me with my writing.  She gave me some great imput on the first chapter of my novel.  It sucked!  Both the contructive criticism, which was totally right, and the chapter that I wrote.  I am really grateful for her honesty and knowledge because it helped me in many ways.  She encouraged me to keep working on it and I appreciate that.  The old me (circa 2009)would have gotten really depressed, mad, and wanted to give up.  Well, I won't.  I did have a couple moments of I'm a bad writer complex, but I've read that every good writer has also.  But writers write and they get better as time goes on.  If they are lucky, like me, they have people to help and a very rich life outside of that. 

         I decided that I love seeing how I can make my writing better.  I also love learning.  Thank God for mentors, books on writing, and the growing pains of life it's given me.  In the past, I hated putting myself out there because if I wasn't validated, my self esteem would plummet.  I know that's silly but it was me.  I still think everyone should love everything I do and say, plus everything about me but...I have kids.  And they will not.  I do hope I can teach them to take a chance on life, even if no one will understand, even their Mom.  Because when you take risks, even in the small ways, you grow.  Maybe I resist the editing of my book sometimes because secretly, I fear finishing, and trying to get published.  But, I will.  No matter how long it takes, I will get it right.  I will risk rejection.  And I will grow, either way. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy magic

My mother inspires me everyday and has made me who I am.  She is the smartest, most optimistic, beautiful, loving person I ever met.  I use to make fun of her for mot watching scary movies and finding the best in people, praying for people she didn't know and now my own daughter does that to me.  My Mommy and I are very different and come from different generations but our core values of love, kindness, and God-centered life are the same, even if we do it different.  My Mom is more of a good-two shoes than me, following all the rules, and I do believe will be sainted.  If she had to have another name, it would be grace.  I felt for a long time, I could never measure up to her goodness, and now I realize I can't because I'm me.  Comparing myself is not honoring to me or her, she is shining her Light in her way and me in my way.  We are both perfect in the way we do it. 

I thank God ever day that she is my Mother and has shown me a deep faith in God, the angels, and the Blessed Mother.  She has really taught me through who she is to love unconditionally and that when you look for the best in people, you find it.  Now I may have a touch of my Daddy's Irish fire in that but hey, it adds spunk.  He's taught me how to bust people's chops and to love food.  :)  I will continue my Mommy's magical tradition of praying for people who others may think don't deserve it, always be the bigger person, and appreciate everything.  I could write a book about all that she has taught me and maybe I will.  Now, she is teaching me how to be the best grandmother in the world.  And, I can say the world is so lucky to have an Anne Glenning in the world.  xoxo

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Being a perfectionist doesn't mean you have a perfect home or everything is right all the time.  It means that inside you you seek for things to be perfect and you are not satisfied until they are.  These may serve some but from my own experience, it is better to think of perfection as being the true expression.  Doing your best is the key.  If you have kids and you are not happy until everything looks like a magazine, then you should hang out when the kids are asleep because they are typically messy creatures.  Or if I tried something and didn't finish because I couldn't do it perfect, well that doesn't sound like something I want to teach my kids.  No one would ever try anything then because you have to keep trying and learning to succeed.  It's not always on the first try. 

I'm writing a book, when my the mean voice, let's call Negativa, in my head thinks I have no business doing that.  That voice strives for perfection but will never be satisfied, it will find something to not like about me or life.  I write and read and learn, I am almost finished editing and I will send it off to find a publisher and/or literary agent.  If Negativa had her way, I would never try this, or work on my internal growth everyday, or love unconditionally, or wear something outrageous.  She's afraid.  But the real me, my truest expression of Self, the part that loves, the part that knows God, is perfect.  And so are you.  Keep trying things and if they don't work, oh well, try something else.  Believe in yourself.  Have a delicious day, all of you, who are  perfect just the way you are.  :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's all good

If you're like me, when you start seeing the kid's mess in your house, how much you have to get done, what's wrong with so and so (husband, co-worker, cashier) you see more of the negative.  It's natural.  And the opposite is true that once you start thinking about how much fun something was, how yummy your dessert was, or how much you liked your vacation, more positive pops up.  Instead of being nit-picky when it comes to kid's clutter I'm making a vow to be more conscious of thinking it's not that bad.  And even better~it's all good.  #1.  No one else seems to care whether my house is clean and 2. It will get cleaned up one way or another.  (Either, I clean it happily or make them do it but NO stress)  Seeing on the news over 370 people were killed in Indonesia by a tsunami, I consider it a reminder that life's is precious and don't sweat the small stuff.  There is always a different way of looking at your situations, no even "well, on the bright side" but rather just a better feeling way.  When I think I'm mini-vanning my life away driving here and there, another way to think it I could be working and never see my kids.  Or if I think I'm not thin enough, think thinner isn't always better )I'm thinking in a wallet).  Haha!  But, I have a healthy body that works magificently and I'm beautiful because I want to teach my daughter we should all think that!  WOW!  I'm beautiful, inside and out, just like my Mom always said.  I'm going to own that!  You should too!  So remember, it's all good.  :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jenny Kissed Me (I thought this was cute!)

Jenny Kissed Me
by James Henry Leigh Hunt
Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in;
Time, you thief, who love to get
Sweets into your list, put that in!
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,
Say that health and wealth have missed me,
Say I'm growing old, but add,
Jenny kissed me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Everyday is a fork in the road.

     I made many mistakes and gone in the wrong direction a million times.  God, the Universe, my inner guidance or the angels (whoever you think)  has put things in my path to make me stop and wonder.  I have seen something on TV, on internet, or someone says something that feels so much more right than what I was doing.  I think every day is a fork in the road to decide, you want to change.  Why not?  Who cares what people think about you anyway?  Well, I always did.  But, when you take anyone wlse into consideration on your life's purpose, you dilute yourself.  If people really love you, and you make changes, they will still LOVE you.  I like to take inventory on what my goals, intentions, dreams are all the time. 

      As a mother of four, I obviously put their needs fist but feel like I have other things to do in my lifetime.  It's exciting to think, you can reinvent yourself, even if you're not Madonna.  I'm writing a book, even though I did not finish college.  I want to be a writer, teacher, life coach and who knows what else.  The first step towards any goal is aim your attitude high, and then when you are more hopeful possibilites, seem actually possible.  :)  Because I think bad emotions or feelings are like wormholes, once you start feeling bad you get sucked down and you find more and more and more negative.  So even if things are so crappy now, focus on something, like how yummy your cup of coffee is.  Sounds cheesy, but because of the law of attraction, you want to find happy wherever you can!  Listen to your inner chatter, they are forks in the road, and remember CHATTER. 

Time &
Energy (Everything)

All day long, your kids will challenge you, coworkers, whoever and they are giving you gifts to rexamine.  They put the mirror to show you where you're at.  If it's something you don't like choose a different road.  :)
I believe you can and I believe in you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Energy Chamelon

Being there for people, as a mother, daughter, friend, sister, & wife, means being present and authentic.  I have been guilty of agreeing when I don't, giving too much of myself emotionally, not being REAL (Relaying Emotions Authentically in Love)   ;)   I did this because it was easier to be what someone else wanted than myself.  I could feel and sense what was expected or wanted of me and I'd be it.  If they were mad, I'd be mad with them.  This is what I mean, as an energy chamelon, and I think many women do this.  This does NOT help anyone.  If someone is feeling soemthing negative, feeling it with them will not help them.  You can sympathize without taking on their problems (drama).  Listening to them, holding it in your mind a better vision for them, and praying is much better.  Really the best thing to do when things are going bad for someone is to take their mind off the problem, because then when they go back to the problem, it is not merely as bad as it was.  Or they have fresh perspective on it at least.  Being yourself, and letting your true Light shine, helps everyone.  :)  Much Love to everyone!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change it up & find your happy place

Change happens around us constantly, we even change unconsciously over time.  I strive to make changes consciously and make myself aware of what is going on in my psyche.  I can change my thoughts and feelings, even if it seems automatic.  My feelings use to be because someone did, said, thought something. A different understanding is to realize if we let people get to us, we give away our power, and that's why we are unhappy.  Their actions(or words) + thoughts (or judgements) = feelings(emotion).  I use to think it was all tied together, if someone does something I don't like, I automatically think it's wrong or whatever judgment, and I feel negative emotion.  It may not feel like a choice sometimes when the kids don't listen or someone doesn't realize how cool I am.  LOL  Changing your thinking to what feels better will make you FEEL better, you are in charge of that part.  If I look for ways to be offended or mad, I can find them.  If I look for things to make me happy or grateful for, I can find them.  Change your perspective, take a breath, and find your happy.  Hoping all of you find their happy place!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


What should I be doing?  I should be cleaning...oh, wait...I should be exercising.  Now, I'm hungry?!?  I am on Chapter 14 of editing the book, I should work on that...well, the kids need attention.  This self-talk that goes on about the shoulds is not my friend.  It tells me there is something wrong with my body, my parenting, my book, my life and me.  Instead, let me see these patterns that come up, because we all have "stuff" and choose my thoughts more wisely.  When you take a minute and take the steering wheel of auto pilot, you say, hey I'm not going to chose those thoughts anymore.  I am going to think I am perfect, as I am imperefect.  LOL  Flipping the thoughts around to positive, because everyone has many good qualities but, we are not meant to be the same-so no comparing.  I ask for Divine Guidance everyday to clear out all the "junk" in my mind so the good can shine.  And...if you decide to watch movies all day, well, then maybe you needed to recharge.  Keeping life in balance and knowing when you need to replenish your energy makes everything better.  It's all good.  :) 

Friday, October 15, 2010


Relationships are so many things, they help us grow among other things.  We think they can make us happy until they don't anymore.  The job of the other person, no matter who they are, is to make themselves happy. They are mirrors to teach us what we need to work on, what is out of balance, and our shadow side.  When we want to fight and our ego is raring to go, you gotta surrender for the sake of the greater good.  Because does it really matter sometimes?  Who did what, who is right.  Are they really going to understand when they are  are coming from a totally different perspective?  I can think I'm a nice person until someone does something I don't like.  Then I see I have anger issues, I go into victim mode, and the world seems negative.  This is the time to pray and ask for higher assistance to release the drama and unplug from the muck.  You feel empowered by anger but then you are drained of energy afterwards.  If you bring in Spirit (Divine Light of God or Universal Love) and look at it fresh, you will see, wow...the other person is right, in their eyes.  Even though they are still wrong.  :)