Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy magic

My mother inspires me everyday and has made me who I am.  She is the smartest, most optimistic, beautiful, loving person I ever met.  I use to make fun of her for mot watching scary movies and finding the best in people, praying for people she didn't know and now my own daughter does that to me.  My Mommy and I are very different and come from different generations but our core values of love, kindness, and God-centered life are the same, even if we do it different.  My Mom is more of a good-two shoes than me, following all the rules, and I do believe will be sainted.  If she had to have another name, it would be grace.  I felt for a long time, I could never measure up to her goodness, and now I realize I can't because I'm me.  Comparing myself is not honoring to me or her, she is shining her Light in her way and me in my way.  We are both perfect in the way we do it. 

I thank God ever day that she is my Mother and has shown me a deep faith in God, the angels, and the Blessed Mother.  She has really taught me through who she is to love unconditionally and that when you look for the best in people, you find it.  Now I may have a touch of my Daddy's Irish fire in that but hey, it adds spunk.  He's taught me how to bust people's chops and to love food.  :)  I will continue my Mommy's magical tradition of praying for people who others may think don't deserve it, always be the bigger person, and appreciate everything.  I could write a book about all that she has taught me and maybe I will.  Now, she is teaching me how to be the best grandmother in the world.  And, I can say the world is so lucky to have an Anne Glenning in the world.  xoxo

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