Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keepin' it real

I complain.  We all do.  I work on these all the time.  Complaining comes from the victim consciousness, we all have played victim at some point, in our dramas.  I have felt like the kids were out to get me, they are being messy on purpose.  Saying something to kids (like don't leave wet towels on your bedroom floor) 1000x and they still do it, is somewhat unnerving.  So I can either: 1. Pick up the towels and be mad.  2. Make the kids do it and .  3.  Pick and the towels, and be happy about it.  Ask the kids to do it, in a nice way.   My thinking is I can either do it or have them do it but not let myself get unhappy.  I believe it's a choice because I know...there's a moment where I can decide. 

If you want to judge others, leave them alone, it won't make you feel better.  I always judged other, without even realizing it.  They are either better than me or not, in some way.  It's how I placed myself or understood the world.  Looking at it from a higher perspective, as I try to remember, other people are living in thier own world and doing their best.  In their world, you are wrong and they are right.  This is from their experience,  let it go.  It really has nothing to do with you.  I try to work on my need to be right or understood or heard.  I know for me, judgement and God do not exist together.  I know that judging myself and other are one in the same.  I can always send someone love when I want to judge and not waste the energy on going there. (They should do this or that).  It's either postive or negative energy that I'm putting out there and I try to tip the scales towards the positive.  God certainly doesn't want me dishonoring myself or others in judgement. 

I don't pretend to know everything but I like to share my perspective.  Love thy neighbor.  Do onto others as you would want done onto you.  As my three year old is having temper tantrum right now, I want to yell, and control the situation.  I ask him to calm down, give him a hug and work it out, teaching him a better way.  That's what I would want someone to do when I'm having a "moment."  Blessings and best wishes to everyone.

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  1. Oh, Jenny, thank you! You are speaking to me, for me, as me today! I needed this. Have a great day!