Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Risk and Grow

        Every day, we put ourselves out there, because life's a stage.  Unless you live in Antartica, you are doing something where we may be judged.  People can critique your clothes, your parenting, or your work.  Today, an author who is a friend, was kind enough to help me with my writing.  She gave me some great imput on the first chapter of my novel.  It sucked!  Both the contructive criticism, which was totally right, and the chapter that I wrote.  I am really grateful for her honesty and knowledge because it helped me in many ways.  She encouraged me to keep working on it and I appreciate that.  The old me (circa 2009)would have gotten really depressed, mad, and wanted to give up.  Well, I won't.  I did have a couple moments of I'm a bad writer complex, but I've read that every good writer has also.  But writers write and they get better as time goes on.  If they are lucky, like me, they have people to help and a very rich life outside of that. 

         I decided that I love seeing how I can make my writing better.  I also love learning.  Thank God for mentors, books on writing, and the growing pains of life it's given me.  In the past, I hated putting myself out there because if I wasn't validated, my self esteem would plummet.  I know that's silly but it was me.  I still think everyone should love everything I do and say, plus everything about me but...I have kids.  And they will not.  I do hope I can teach them to take a chance on life, even if no one will understand, even their Mom.  Because when you take risks, even in the small ways, you grow.  Maybe I resist the editing of my book sometimes because secretly, I fear finishing, and trying to get published.  But, I will.  No matter how long it takes, I will get it right.  I will risk rejection.  And I will grow, either way. 

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