Friday, July 22, 2011

To compete is just beat!!!

Next time you see me and I am uber confident and super sassy, you may think...She's so full of herself.  Well, I hope I am giving off that vibe.  It may seem crazy to think that but why should you be anything but...totally in love with yourself.  Just because I think I'm hot, doesn't mean you're not.  We can all be our super-sparkly-spectacular-special selves.  I like to rock the sassy-spiritual-sexpot!  Hey, that would be a great name for a boat the SSS~Jennylicious!  Anyway, I am not one to compete.  The only time I get competitive, is during a game of Scrabble.  I don't know what it is about that game?  I really mean competing with people in life, not in sports.  Although if I was ever in competition, if they other person would be sad if they lost, I would rather them win.  Usually when we see someone who is beautiful, thin, rich, fabulous, whatever we deem to be awesome...we measure ourselves to them.  I know now that this is so silly.  Some people ill think...we'll they look good but they suck at something else or aren't really happy inside.  In actuality, it's about the fact that who they are has NOTHING to do with you.  Look at how awesome you are.  I can see how the Law of Attraction really works here, so let me take you back.

In my teens, I had an eating disorder and all that diet-hate your body-exercise-you aren't good enough crap for years after.  If you are focused on what you "think" is wrong with will find more.  Like attracts like and so every day, I got deeper into it and hating myself more and more.  Talking about the problem and my negative feelings after I got better was just focusing on the problem over and over.  At one point, I told my Mom I wanted to stop therapy and move on with my life.  That's what I did.  I didn't love myself fully until years later but it was a process.  Fast forward to now, I happened to weigh myself this morning and I was up a few pounds.  My first reaction was, I gotta cut this out or exercise.  I told my hubby I was up a few pounds and he said it was all that extra love.  Isn't he so damn cute?  Fro me, it is NEVER about what I weigh, it's about how I feel.  I would have never believed when I was struggling in my teens that over twenty pounds more and I would REALLY love myself.  Employing what I know, I looked over at the pink flower hair-clip my daughter bought me and declared it pink day.  I put on a pink tank top to match and black shorts.   I got the good vibes flowing and attracted more good thoughts.  I did a lovely Pilates workout that was loving to my body.  I had hot chocolate because that's what I wanted.  I looked in the mirror and instead of looking at my tummy, thinking, it's not flat enough...I thought I could write a love note to my belly.  

"Dear Beautiful Belly,

          I apologize for those years of hating on you.  We've shared so many yummy, delicious, and flavorful meals together.  So many hugs, embraces, roller coasters, exercises, stretches, dancing, and many other fun activities...need I say more.  ;)  You have giving me fur miracles that have changed my life each time.  McKayla made me a Mom and who I am today.  Having Aidan, with a home birth, made me invent my own rules on parenting.  Finn set me in a different direction and opened my heart up in a new way.  Seamus is my little Buddha and I am a truly different person since become pregnant with him.  I am blessed to be the Mommy of these beautiful souls, who continue to teach me.  I don't care if you are not totally flat or if you have stretch marks.  We'll call them zebra print.  Each and every cell of you is perfect and a Divine part of God.  So work it girl, bellydance if you like.  I LOVE YOU!

                                                                         Lovies, Jennylicious"

Every women's magazine should teach us these things.  LOVE yourself and the world will be better off.  You uplift others by loving yourself, in the truest sense, not by putting anyone else down-that's ego.  You are not meant to please others, get them to like you by lessening yourself, or get validation from outside yourself.  You are your best cheerleader!  Show others how to love themselves by being yourself, loving yourself and by living a happy positive life.  If you speak well of yourself and others don't understand, that is on them.  As women, we are conditioned  to not even accept a compliment.  Nest time some one gives you one, write it down in a journal.  (I got that from my friend, Cheryl Jones)  Really take it the compliment, say "Thank you," and smile.  Do not deflect it with a, "I still need to lose weight" or some other dishonoring thing.  Own it!  Play with this, look for ways to be happier, why? 

It's funny now to think about it but when people would lose weight and I would see them, I would explain why I didn't have the perfect body.  My insecurity was blaring like a fire engine alarm.  When I see others doing well now, I am so happy for them.  And I know I rock.  I am wonderfully fabulous and so are they and so are YOU!  Real beauty shines from within.  I compliment people all the time aand it really brightens thier day.  Good vibes are free and so are compliments!!!  LOVE YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN!!!  Ask yourself, how much fun can I have this weekend?  How much more can I love myself?  Lovies to all!!!

Jazzy Jennylicious!
(It's like Mexican hot chocolate)

Mug full of Fat free Organic milk
Handful of Ghiradelli 60% Cacao Dark chocolate chips
dash of cinnamon
dash of red pepper flakes
And always a pinch of love.
*Simmer until chocolate melts and its hot.  Strain out the red pepper flakes and drink up.  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Mermaid Tale!

I couldn't resist this as my title, even though I did not see a real MERMAID!  If I do, I would be so happy.  :)  It seemed like a Mermaid day yesterday.  My friend, Jennifer Harp-Douris is the owner of Mermaid Tears jewelry and it was her birthday.  I have one of her pieces with beach glass and a cool is that?  They are not like ordinary jewelry, the are pieces of ART and are quite magical.  I did not see her on her birthday but did think of her at the beach, and again pretended like I was a mermaid.

I have a love affair with the sea.  I feel so drawn to it, like a magnetic pull, it's beauty and power, both inspires and intrigues me. 
It felt cooler than it's been but I told my ten year old son, Aidan, i would swim with him.  Well, we frolicked,
played, and loved getting tumbled around like little fish.  We jumped into the waves and he was smiling so big, I thought it was up to something.  he has been known to pinch my leg, pretending he was a crab, or put seaweed in my hair.  I don't know where he would have learned that kind of silly behavior from.  I dove under some waves but then I got the idea to look up at the sky and jump into the wave.  As I would do this, I would see the waves of water, fly into the sky turning into drops of clear water, casting rainbows for a second, and then turning into foam as it made it's way back to join the rest of the wave.  I love magical moments like that, where you know they are going to turn into memories you will hold in your heart forever. 

I don't know what anyone else was seeing but through my happy rose-colored glasses, Jennylicious world, I saw magic.  Every time, I see an awesome, amazing breathtaking sight that never gets old.  Each wave has it's own unique configuration of colors, shape, and volume.   The farthest hue was sapphire and closer to shore was this cerulean, blue-green color.  When the wave was rising, it was almost sage colored and the sunlight would play off the white foam of the wave, making it seem to light up from within.
  I just love the ocean, can't ya tell?  And really I do get excited about the simplest things in life but nature still seems like a miracle to me.  Every flower I see, every tree, every animal, is so special...if you take the time to look at it's magnificence. 

The same could really be said for people.  They are bringing their own awesomeness to the table, if you look past your judgment and see what their unique, perfect, and often hidden spark.  We look past flaws with our kids, friends, or lovers sometimes but new folks we automatically look for the bad.  Or as not to be disappointed in even the closer people in our lives, we don't expect to much, we see all they do wrong, and we push them away...not realizing it.  What if you looked for the good in everyone, including yourself?  When they say "Ignorance is bliss"...maybe that means ignoring the little things that you don't like about others or that they didn't take the trash out.   Do you want someone to focus on what you do right?  I do.  I am practicing this with my own kids.  Life is too short to be controlling every second and reacting, refereeing, instead deep breath and teach them a new way to look at the situation. 

Coming back to my beautiful beach day, my four year old, Finn was being a nudge.  He got mad and started turning into the Hulk.  I could get mad, try and control or see what the situation calls for.  Each kid is so unique that I take everything on an energetic case by case basis.  When I am really on, present, living-in-the-moment, I am so good!  LOL.  I actually taught him that sometimes he just needs attention and to ask me for it.  There is a vying for power and control between siblings, yes, but I always know there is a better way.  Aidan and I were going out for a last swim and Finn wanted to be with us.  He doesn't go out far at all so Aidan went to say, "You can't come with us."  I showed him a different way.  I said, "Finn, you can come out with us, out far or you can go up to play in the sand with Gibby and Pop."  He choose to go play in the sand.  He didn't feel like he was losing out because we gave him a choice.  I just love that my kids teach me new ways to think and grow, even by challenging me.  I
love learning something new everyday and having more fun every day!  At one point, Aidan wanted to get out of the ocean, and I said, "i think you may be the only kid who is trying to get their Mom out of the ocean."  I really do turn into even more of a kid out there.  ENJOY YOUR DAY!  My advice:  Always have fun while you're growing.  I'm going back to the beach.  Lovies!!!  Best wishes & Mermaid kisses!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What'$ all the fuss, I'm fabulous!

Shout out to my Mom,
ll always be the bomb

My Dad called myself Cool Breeze,
I use to think, Oh Jeez

Then I was livin
and always judgmental

Now I know my identity,
s true serendipity

m not a gansta with a pistol,
but a bedazzled hippie with a crystal

I don
t know kung foo,
m a Ginger- Boo

In French-it
s La Roux
Like Daphne in Scooby Doo

My voice can be squeaky
my humor quite cheeky

s all the fuss?
Oh, I
m fabulous! 

s Juicy July
Vibes are high

 True as the sky
Honey Pie!

No need for strife
In this gorgeous life

t be rude,
or give a

Ignore the jerks,
s got fireworks

Be like a child,
heart, pure and wild

Every moment is new
play, dance, & sing too
My kind of cardio
is a dance part-yo!

Today is 7-7
and I
m in heaven
Im Jennylicious
and life
s delicious

s all the fuss?
Oh, I
m fabulous! 

s Juicy July
Vibes are high

True as the sky
Honey Pie!

Whats all the fuss?
Oh, I
m fabulous! 

s Juicy July
Vibes are high

True as the sky
Honey Pie!

What'$ all the fuss, I'm fabulous!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Relish is not just about pickles!

TO Relish means...
1. To take keen or zestful pleasure in.
2. To enjoy the flavor of.
3. To give spice or flavor to.

4. To have a pleasing or distinctive taste.

Oh yes!  I love to relish often in my life!  I am relish!  I am zesty, like relish in a jar! 


YUM is another thing I love to say and write often.  When I say this to people, it means...

Who doesn't like to hear that?  I love compliments, giving and receiving. 

And I have a new saucy one, just for girls.  If a gal is super confident and sure of herself, she can be called a bitch.  Well, I say...

Coolness of

I like to show life...I'm Boss!

And Fab...

And oh, I love sparkles and to me...

And sometimes I feel such a high vibe I feel like I could hop like a bunny!  i have met people that their energy as so fun like that I wanted to join in. 

And I love how many kind people I find, where love just oozes from every pore. 

When in doubt, remember you have all you need inside of you.  All the answers are there.  Like in the Wizard of Oz, "You've always had the power."  You're ruby slippers are you.
Brilliance of

And some grammar, lol, my kind of grammar. 
Let go of the AEIOU.
1. Apologizing for who you are, what other people feel, or feeling like you always have to. 
2.  Explaining what you think, do, feel, whatever for the sake of validation or justification. 
3.  Insulting others behind their back or instigating something, it creates more negative.
4.  Obsessing over how your body looks, how clean your house is, or other stuff that truly doesn't matter.
5.  Undermining someone's dreams or plans.  How do you know whether it will happen?   What dreams have you forgotten about? 

Relish the good in LIFE, let the rest go!  Find whatever good is going on, milk it.  My life is filled with so much love, I wish you all the same.  The most important relationship I will ever have, is the one with myself.  I am always gaining more awareness, alignment, and connection with myself.  I am always connected to the Divine and therefore, I love life.  Best wishes, Hershey's kisses!!!
Think H-C for your energy!!! High and clear!
If you're crabby, go play outside like a kid and see what shapes you can see in the will surely be happy after that.  One of my faves, is swimming in the ocean..I shorely feel great after.  LOL.  I crack myself up. You could even relish eating a pickle.  Oh, I am a comedian!  :)  Love glitter, peace rainbows, and joy bubbles to all!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vast awesomeness of extraordnary experiences!

Sometimes I am brimming with so much joy, that I am bursting at the seams and HYPER. 



I love to play with words and they help me to generate positive energy.  I always mean whatever I write, deliberately putting my intention to uplift and create joy.  Life is to be played with.  I truly believe this is for me and you get to create for you.  Work with what you got.  If someone does something that I "perceive" to be bad, because it really is my point a view, I can think WTF A.

Feelings what I have control of, mine, of course. 

When you can take a step back, and from awareness, think from the deeper part of yourself.  Your thoughts were are saying, "They were wrong.  They should of blah, blah, blah...really?  Should everyone be different or do everything you want or your way.  Good luck with that.  Or you can re-think, from your truest self "WOW, I can let go of that opinion/judgment/thought and just let it go."  I love insights like that.  If we go around judging ourselves and others, what do we gain?  If we replace those thoughts with a "who cares" or "none of my beeswax", we can free up ourselves.  It is an energy thing, which we can all feel and are affected by, whether we realize it or not.  It's so cool and empowering.  Positive thinking, you always gain.  When you are negative, angry, and have to control is hard and not fun.  There is always way more good going on, than people realize.  List a bunch of things, out of gratitude and appreciation, that are good.  The energy changes and shifts in your life.  A roof over your head, clothes, food, people that love you, health, legs that can walk, the list can go on and on.  Does it really matter that your husband watches sports all the time, your kids don't clean their room, or your extra ten pounds.  Also, if you constantly are talking about that thing, the problem seems so much worse.  Tell your friends how great things are going in one area and all of a sudden, there's more you think is going good.  People may look at you funny or think you are bragging, but I for one, would rather here a great story.  When people gossip about others, they temporary feel better about themselves, up on their soapbox or that they are better than someone in some way.  Ultimately that doesn't bring you joy.  Do you really know the whole picture of their life and when you are really involved in someone's business, it's about you.  If you think they should do things different, then should you do things different?  It's never fun being told what to do, so leave other people to decide for themselves.  It leaves more time to play in the sprinklers, dancing to your favorite song, or basking in fantastic moment.   If you start bitchin' about something, you can always just zip it and stop yourselves right there.  Look for the good in people and you see it.  Find your joy, it's there for you to discover!  It reveals itself when you start looking on the bright side!  I am wishing you all vast awesomeness of extraordinary experiences!   Cheers to high vibes and high fives!!!  :)