Friday, July 1, 2011

Vast awesomeness of extraordnary experiences!

Sometimes I am brimming with so much joy, that I am bursting at the seams and HYPER. 



I love to play with words and they help me to generate positive energy.  I always mean whatever I write, deliberately putting my intention to uplift and create joy.  Life is to be played with.  I truly believe this is for me and you get to create for you.  Work with what you got.  If someone does something that I "perceive" to be bad, because it really is my point a view, I can think WTF A.

Feelings what I have control of, mine, of course. 

When you can take a step back, and from awareness, think from the deeper part of yourself.  Your thoughts were are saying, "They were wrong.  They should of blah, blah, blah...really?  Should everyone be different or do everything you want or your way.  Good luck with that.  Or you can re-think, from your truest self "WOW, I can let go of that opinion/judgment/thought and just let it go."  I love insights like that.  If we go around judging ourselves and others, what do we gain?  If we replace those thoughts with a "who cares" or "none of my beeswax", we can free up ourselves.  It is an energy thing, which we can all feel and are affected by, whether we realize it or not.  It's so cool and empowering.  Positive thinking, you always gain.  When you are negative, angry, and have to control is hard and not fun.  There is always way more good going on, than people realize.  List a bunch of things, out of gratitude and appreciation, that are good.  The energy changes and shifts in your life.  A roof over your head, clothes, food, people that love you, health, legs that can walk, the list can go on and on.  Does it really matter that your husband watches sports all the time, your kids don't clean their room, or your extra ten pounds.  Also, if you constantly are talking about that thing, the problem seems so much worse.  Tell your friends how great things are going in one area and all of a sudden, there's more you think is going good.  People may look at you funny or think you are bragging, but I for one, would rather here a great story.  When people gossip about others, they temporary feel better about themselves, up on their soapbox or that they are better than someone in some way.  Ultimately that doesn't bring you joy.  Do you really know the whole picture of their life and when you are really involved in someone's business, it's about you.  If you think they should do things different, then should you do things different?  It's never fun being told what to do, so leave other people to decide for themselves.  It leaves more time to play in the sprinklers, dancing to your favorite song, or basking in fantastic moment.   If you start bitchin' about something, you can always just zip it and stop yourselves right there.  Look for the good in people and you see it.  Find your joy, it's there for you to discover!  It reveals itself when you start looking on the bright side!  I am wishing you all vast awesomeness of extraordinary experiences!   Cheers to high vibes and high fives!!!  :)


  1. What an uplift to my day! Thank you Jenny! To high vibes and high fives! Thanks!

  2. Nice! I love how you play with words.