Monday, October 25, 2010

Everyday is a fork in the road.

     I made many mistakes and gone in the wrong direction a million times.  God, the Universe, my inner guidance or the angels (whoever you think)  has put things in my path to make me stop and wonder.  I have seen something on TV, on internet, or someone says something that feels so much more right than what I was doing.  I think every day is a fork in the road to decide, you want to change.  Why not?  Who cares what people think about you anyway?  Well, I always did.  But, when you take anyone wlse into consideration on your life's purpose, you dilute yourself.  If people really love you, and you make changes, they will still LOVE you.  I like to take inventory on what my goals, intentions, dreams are all the time. 

      As a mother of four, I obviously put their needs fist but feel like I have other things to do in my lifetime.  It's exciting to think, you can reinvent yourself, even if you're not Madonna.  I'm writing a book, even though I did not finish college.  I want to be a writer, teacher, life coach and who knows what else.  The first step towards any goal is aim your attitude high, and then when you are more hopeful possibilites, seem actually possible.  :)  Because I think bad emotions or feelings are like wormholes, once you start feeling bad you get sucked down and you find more and more and more negative.  So even if things are so crappy now, focus on something, like how yummy your cup of coffee is.  Sounds cheesy, but because of the law of attraction, you want to find happy wherever you can!  Listen to your inner chatter, they are forks in the road, and remember CHATTER. 

Time &
Energy (Everything)

All day long, your kids will challenge you, coworkers, whoever and they are giving you gifts to rexamine.  They put the mirror to show you where you're at.  If it's something you don't like choose a different road.  :)
I believe you can and I believe in you!

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