Saturday, October 16, 2010


What should I be doing?  I should be cleaning...oh, wait...I should be exercising.  Now, I'm hungry?!?  I am on Chapter 14 of editing the book, I should work on that...well, the kids need attention.  This self-talk that goes on about the shoulds is not my friend.  It tells me there is something wrong with my body, my parenting, my book, my life and me.  Instead, let me see these patterns that come up, because we all have "stuff" and choose my thoughts more wisely.  When you take a minute and take the steering wheel of auto pilot, you say, hey I'm not going to chose those thoughts anymore.  I am going to think I am perfect, as I am imperefect.  LOL  Flipping the thoughts around to positive, because everyone has many good qualities but, we are not meant to be the same-so no comparing.  I ask for Divine Guidance everyday to clear out all the "junk" in my mind so the good can shine.  And...if you decide to watch movies all day, well, then maybe you needed to recharge.  Keeping life in balance and knowing when you need to replenish your energy makes everything better.  It's all good.  :) 

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