Friday, October 15, 2010


Relationships are so many things, they help us grow among other things.  We think they can make us happy until they don't anymore.  The job of the other person, no matter who they are, is to make themselves happy. They are mirrors to teach us what we need to work on, what is out of balance, and our shadow side.  When we want to fight and our ego is raring to go, you gotta surrender for the sake of the greater good.  Because does it really matter sometimes?  Who did what, who is right.  Are they really going to understand when they are  are coming from a totally different perspective?  I can think I'm a nice person until someone does something I don't like.  Then I see I have anger issues, I go into victim mode, and the world seems negative.  This is the time to pray and ask for higher assistance to release the drama and unplug from the muck.  You feel empowered by anger but then you are drained of energy afterwards.  If you bring in Spirit (Divine Light of God or Universal Love) and look at it fresh, you will see, wow...the other person is right, in their eyes.  Even though they are still wrong.  :)

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  1. Beautiful words and very well put. I enjoy your writing, Jenn. You are a lovely person who makes such a difference in the lives of others.... especially mine.