Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change it up & find your happy place

Change happens around us constantly, we even change unconsciously over time.  I strive to make changes consciously and make myself aware of what is going on in my psyche.  I can change my thoughts and feelings, even if it seems automatic.  My feelings use to be because someone did, said, thought something. A different understanding is to realize if we let people get to us, we give away our power, and that's why we are unhappy.  Their actions(or words) + thoughts (or judgements) = feelings(emotion).  I use to think it was all tied together, if someone does something I don't like, I automatically think it's wrong or whatever judgment, and I feel negative emotion.  It may not feel like a choice sometimes when the kids don't listen or someone doesn't realize how cool I am.  LOL  Changing your thinking to what feels better will make you FEEL better, you are in charge of that part.  If I look for ways to be offended or mad, I can find them.  If I look for things to make me happy or grateful for, I can find them.  Change your perspective, take a breath, and find your happy.  Hoping all of you find their happy place!

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