Friday, October 22, 2010

Energy Chamelon

Being there for people, as a mother, daughter, friend, sister, & wife, means being present and authentic.  I have been guilty of agreeing when I don't, giving too much of myself emotionally, not being REAL (Relaying Emotions Authentically in Love)   ;)   I did this because it was easier to be what someone else wanted than myself.  I could feel and sense what was expected or wanted of me and I'd be it.  If they were mad, I'd be mad with them.  This is what I mean, as an energy chamelon, and I think many women do this.  This does NOT help anyone.  If someone is feeling soemthing negative, feeling it with them will not help them.  You can sympathize without taking on their problems (drama).  Listening to them, holding it in your mind a better vision for them, and praying is much better.  Really the best thing to do when things are going bad for someone is to take their mind off the problem, because then when they go back to the problem, it is not merely as bad as it was.  Or they have fresh perspective on it at least.  Being yourself, and letting your true Light shine, helps everyone.  :)  Much Love to everyone!


  1. Well said. I love REAL! Can I use that?

  2. Good job, Jenny! Many of us have decided that being who others want or think we should be is better than being Who We Really Are. Isn't that an interesting conclusion?

    It takes courage and strength to step into our authentic selves, and I applaud you for doing so. Much love and light to you!
    Sue Krebs