Sunday, December 19, 2010

That damn 10 lbs.

Everyone knows what I'm talking about.  Wanting to lose 10...or however many pounds for this new year.  It's never about the weight. it's the way it makes you feel.  When I was 10 pounds lighter, I felt sexy and good about myself...but then there was the part that still felt that I needed to lose more, that was hungry, had to workout of beat myself up.  I saw an actress, Jessica Alba, on The Talk and she explained how she lost 50 lbs in three months for a job.  She worked out 6 hours a day (yes- 2hrs in morn, mid-day, and night) and had 1200 calorie a day program.  She said she was so hungry and crying all the time.  I was so glad a celebrity was honest about it. 

Do you say, screw it, I give up.  No, I tried that, you just get really fat and feel worse.  Realizing that what I want is the feeling that I would get from flat abs.  Confidence, self-esteem, feeling flirty & fun about yourself.  It's like wanting more money, why do you want more money.  Money brings freedom, peace, sense of security, and opportunities for fun and being able to really enjoy life.  Well, find ways to get the feelings you want instead of waiting til that day when it all comes together.  Then they'll be something else you want or need to work on.  Life is growth and change constantly.  So instead of the new year resolution of the losing 10 lbs, I could list the 10 pounds of excess mental baggage.

3.Need for control
4.Playing victim
5.Self criticism
7.Feelings of lack

WOW, tall order.  I feel lighter already!  Holding negative feeling to me is not for me.  I am on a quest to always let go and move to a better place, ALWAYS!  Get mad, hug it out, move on.  Life is meant to be lived!  Moment by moment, in any situation, find the pocket where it feels better and slide into it and then again.  Looking for the silver lining, letting go, surrendering, and the struggle eases up.  My wish for the New Year is that everyone gets what they want and find what they are looking for.  And when in doubt, look within,, past in inner cynic and you know.  You can look above but God is all around.  Find a way to be happy now and you will find more to be happy about. 

Weight loss tip (I've had to lose it many times)
Dance for exercise or do what is fun to you for exercise.  Make it a challenge, not a struggle with setting weight loss goals.   Find good for you food and enjoy them. If you want to eat something "bad", relish it!  It's not acuially bad, it's just freakin' food. It has no power, unless you give it some. Be grateful for you food, bless it, or just be happy eating it-why not feel good about life even when you are trying to lose weight.  Don't call it a DIET, to me it's a four letter word.  I'd chose to LOVE myself instead.  Choosing to say to people when you are passing up some crappy food you don't need, say I'm not in the mood for that or I'm eating healthy, making changes (whatever feels empowering to say.)   Look in the mirror and smile, tell yourself you ROCK, you're fabulous, you love yourself, you are....(fill in the blank for what you want to be called.)  No one's looking-  do a little dance.  Dance to the music in your head.  I have Bootylicious playing in mine.  :)
Why not just love yourself today. Wishing you LOVE & LIGHT!!!

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