Monday, December 13, 2010


I love to plant seeds wherever I go.  Encouraging others to believe in themselves and thinking that maybe things can change.  Change starts with the seed which is your thoughts.  I know I was meant to help people.  I always try to see the good in others and I'm trying my best. One of my wishes is for everyone to live their fullest potential, their true nature.  I have to be myself to encourage others.  My true nature is to be silly and spiritual.  I can read self-help books and loves fashion.  Drive a min-van while wearing high heels.  Meditate and then watch Real Houswives of wherever.  (Me, no?)  LOL  Whatever.  Who cares?  Usually no one does but you think they do.   

Start with baby steps or just put it all out there.  Your real friends will understand and encourage you.  In fact, your real friends probably think you are even cooler than you think you are.  I have been blessed to have family and friends that love me deeply.  I thought I had to be serious and be who I thought everyone wanted.  I would never want anyone to be anything but authentic.  An example would be that I would agree when I didn't.  If people do not like me because I have a different opinion, that is on them.  I send them Light and Love, wishing them well.  I have to practice what I preach to my kids.  I have written before and feel it is very important- be a thought COP.  No Comparing yourself to others.  Opinions of others mattering more than you own.  People Pleasing-ugh!  I did this for 32 years and it got me nowhere but lost!  I have made changes to my thinking over the past year.

I read a lot, listened to many amazing teachers there are out there.  I have learned, you can blend being a spiritual person in real life.  I have also learned so much, internally, from meditating every day.  That is where we can connect with God and our intuition.  One message I got last night was: You are becoming who you are.  I am being the real me.  I believe in angels and all that woo-woo stuff and I am a happy person.  That doesn't mean everyone else does because I respect others rights to be themselves.  I also got that: There is a sunset in your heart of the old you and the sunrise of the new.  Pretty cool!  I have been getting really clear about what I want and dealing with my "stuff".  Does this mean I am perfect?  No!  That's not the goal.  My intention is to be happy and help people. I would like to publish my fiction book and eventually write a non-fiction book that can help people.  I'd love to be a healer, speaker, and whatever way God can use me.  Why?  Why not?  It is a always fun to think about the possibilities...for blooming.  And like they say...Bloom where you are planted. 

I hope all your dreams come true!   

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