Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journey to Journaling

When I'm feeling lousy, confused, or need some insight-start to write.  There are many different perspectives you can come from: your ego/negative feelings, your Higher Self/positive self, or just a different angle of thinking.  I don't advise to stay on the negative, just get the negative out of you head - onto paper and then switch to a lighter perspective.  Say for instance, you had a fight with someone, you can get out your frustrations and then see from a higher perspective where they are coming from, until you feel forgiveness and let go-feeling lighter.  Or if you are feeling bad about yourself, being a perfectionist or confused about your purpose/gifts you bring to the world.  In this scenario: list all the things that are good about you, which you may not feel to be totally true but embrace the good stuff people say.  God shines through us all and everyone has so many unique and wonderful qualities about them if we can cultivate them- we shine!  Another tip on the journey is: If you are feeling boo-hoo about having enough cash for Christmas or in general about all the stuff the "Joneses" have, list what you are grateful for.  You will feel better, I promise!!!  We are so blessed and lucky in America, if you are reading this on a computer, breathing with ease, with a least one person who thinks you're alright-you are blessed!  ;)  (Side note: I knew Joneses that we skinny blonde and rich-LOL)  

Some other ideas are if you want to change something in your life, figure out what's next-Ask you guardian angels for some help, I ask for Truth, Clarity, and Understanding all the time in my prayers or meditation.  If you need more info, comment and I'll get back to you.  Also, we are all so damn smart and wise so feel free to comment on something so I can learn from you.  What can I say, God gave me the gift to gab and write, but I promise I can LISTEN!!!  :)  Enjoy the magic of Christmas!   

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