Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday sparkle

If I could, I would glitterize and bedazzle the world.  Not nature, but abandoned, dilapidated buildings, even though there is beauty in them also.  Nature is sparkly, like the glistening snow, light dancing on the ocean as the waves flow, and remember gems come from nature.  Every day, the world takes my breath away in some way, the awesome Universe unfolds more magically and miraculously than the day before.    The sunshine brightens the sky everyday making the clouds happy and sunsets feel their worth.  I see angels form in the clouds and even rainbows. 
Aww...and my flowers which are a reason in itself to be born into a body to see, smell, and enjoy.   As much as I like sparkles, I LOVE colors.  I love mixing paint to create new colors, the giant box  of crayons with the amazing names-oh the possibilities.  What blows my mind every spring is the different colors of flowers that bloom, there are neon!  I know that there are fish and other sea creatures that are electric, shimmering, and bright-I'd nice to see you up close one day! 
There's more colors and sparkly things this time of year than any other time-I LOVE it!!!  The holidays also bring me back to that child-like wonder at life.  All the lights twinkle, making my heart sing, making me believe in all that is good.  People hold the door at the store, wishing me a wonderful holiday-the whole world begins to feel like one big family.  Christmas carols have this secret power to raise the energy of the room.  Holidays movies all have a message of hope and remind us to really cherish our families-dysfunction and all.  Even making the Christmas cookies remind us to play-create-get our hands into making something FUN.   Take time to appreciate...whatever you LOVE!  Lots of Love-to you all!

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