Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Affirm Bootylicious style

Fitness is many things to many people.  You can be at war with it, your body, or food.  Beating yourself to get a hot bod is not really going to bring you the you joy you are seeking.  Being positive, full of energy, and getting moving is a BRILLIANT idea.  I was inspired today when I was doing lunges to do affirmations, to motivate myself to finish.  "I am a sexy bitch," was the first thing that came to mind.  And because like attracts like, more flooded my head.  I thought, why not, infuse my workout with affirmations. 

First, ask yourself, why am I working out?  What is my intention?  Mine is to be strong and fit and FEEL GOOD.  Adding affirmations is going to supercharge your workout.  You are giving your body, extra oxygen, movement, attention, intention, endorphins and love.   Now, let's get moving.  Here's a list of affirmations that you can  use during any exercise or just whenever you feel like it!  My goal is to inspire you all to love yourself.  I am not a fitness expert, my focus is for you to feel good.  I have been bulimic, anorexic, lost weight, gained weight, and have found my answer finally and for good.  I wanted to feel good.  I thought looking good would make me feel good.  The key is, it is all in your thinking.  The more you think positively on a conscious level, it will sink into you subconscious and you will start thinking more good thoughts.  YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU ROCK! Other recommendations are "The Secret" and "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne, Louise Hay is the Queen of affirmations and anything from Abraham-hicks.  My goal is to inspire you all to love yourself.  Here's a list of affirmatons to use during exercise or whenever you feel like it. 

Jennylicious juice on Exercise: 
"I AM a Vivacious, Voluptuous Vixen!"

"I AM Delicious, Dynamic Diva!"

"I AM a Sassy, Strong Sexpot!"

"I AM a Amazing, Ablicious Angel!"

"I AM a Magnificent, Muscular Muffin!"

"I AM a Fabulous, Fit Female!"

"I AM a Healthy, Happy Hottie!"

"I AM a Bodacious, Beautiful Babe!"

"I AM a Planking Princess!"  (Good for Pilates)

"I AM a Luscious, Lovely Lady!"

"I AM a Fierce, Flexible Fox!"

"I AM a Sexy, Strong Stud!"  (For men)

"I AM a Workout Warrior!"

"I AM Toned, Thin, & Trim!"

"I AM the exercise Queen!'

"I have a rockin' body!"

"I AM A ROCKSTAR!"  (always a powerful one)

"I AM a Sexy Bitch!"  (hehe)

~Beginning with just a walk is a great start.  I love walking outside, it connects me with nature and my Higher self at the same time. If you are not feeling good, in any way about yourself, start warming up your mind. Saying things like "I love the sky.  I love the trees.  I love the flowers."  And hey, you can say "I love chocolate, your kids, wine," or whatever makes you feel a little better,  By softening your mood, you will be more receptive to affirmations about yourself.  Saying "I am beautiful" is a perfect affirmation, to get in the groove.  It doesn't matter about whether your hair is in a bun on top of your head, you have a zit, or you have weight to lose.  It is inside of you.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  YOU ARE WORTHY!  Remember, don't compare anyone's weight loss, body, or journey to yours.  It dishonors both of you, creating competition.  When you start talking nice to yourself, things will change for you in many wonderful ways.  I am cheering for you ALL!!! 

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