Friday, September 30, 2011

Simplicity in Fabulosity!

Fabulosity is actually on

It is defined as: 
1.  Fabulousness
2.  A fabulous or fictitious story

On urban dictionary, it has many meanings.  You define it, just like your life,  for yourself.  Living a life of
fabulosity can be glamorous, rich, and high-end, or just just feel good!  For me everyday is fabulous, I am fabulous, the world is fabulous.  I live intentionally, authentically, from joy and revel in feel good emotions EVERY day!  Whatever you focus on, you create more of, so if you appreciate a lot of things...more things to appreciate will flow into your life.  We can get busy, especially Mommies, forget to stop and breathe.  It takes just a second, to center and appreciate, in the NOW moment.  Start simple.  Appreciate your yummy coffee. 

I am a stay at home Mom, as well as a writer, and many other fabulous things in the future.  If you are a working mom, you can start with getting something delicious to drink, on your drive to work, or for when you get there.  Listen to your favorite music on the drive, or bask in the quiet time, but slow down the mind chatter/to-do list.  Starting out your day, intentionally focusing on good vibrating emotions, sets the tone for your day.  When you are a stay-at-home mom, or work from home mom, you are sometimes in sweats and no makeup all day.  If you can get dressed and spiff yourself up, you feel amazing.  Exercise, of course, will raise your vibes also.  I am a silly girl and am going to list the simple things I appreciate, inspired by loading the dishwasher.

I love when you load up the dishwasher-to the max-like Tetris, pull-through spots in parking lots, vibrant leaves in autumn, hot chocolate, a stranger holding the door for me, an awesome song on the radio, laughing so hard and not being able to stop, thunderstorms, snow storms, bright blue skies, SUNSHINE, people's cool tattoos, fierce fashion, new nail polish, red lipstick, getting my hair done, watching TV at 10pm while folding clothes and drinking  glass of wine, writing blog posts, sparkly things, finding seashells, bright colors, beautiful flowers, butterflies, turtles, frogs, peacocks, puppies, good books, A-HA moments, good conversations, hugs, kisses, kids, kind words and compliments, the ocean, the moon, getting things on sale, art, photography, and I could keep going on....FOREVER!  When you start listing, the energy just keeps going. 

Going through your day, whatever comes up, find the GOOD.  Look for more, appreciate lots, love MUCHO!  No matter what other's realities are, let them be.  You don't have to have an opinion.  Who cares what so-and-so is doing.  When all you do is judge, you feel like sludge.  You don't have to solve everything today or know how everything is going to work out. Trust the Universe will work it out, the solutions will show up.  Let go, go with the flow, you really do know.  So smile, relax for a while.  Have an awesome weekend!  Live a life of fabulosity!!! 

P.S.  If things get screwy, take a deep breath, deal with it and move on.  Get happy, a quick as you can.  And be easy with yourself.  You really are perfect, just the way you are!

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