Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn awe

I love Autumn, with the rich and vibrant colors.  Especially's everywhere. Orange galore!  Seeing all the mums, pumpkins, and monarch butterflies makes me feel so damn happy.  Monarch butterflies are migrating South and we have the delight of seeing them pass on by.  It's quite magical to see so many of them.  I had the pleasure of seeing one up close and it has a back body with white polka dots on it.   How fashionable.  I think they were attracted to my red hair.  They symbolically remind me, I am free and can soar as high as I let myself.  The caterpillar phase ends when we decide to live our lives on purpose, intentionally, and consciously in a positive way.

Acting like a kid, comes easy to me, which means I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Any excuse to play dress-up and wear lots of makeup.  My husband goes nuts every year with his costume and even the decorations.   Of course, I had to add some sparkle.  I actually bought five glitter skeletons: green, magenta, orange, silver, black.  I love the festive vibe of holidays.  There is always yummy food and tons of fun, and with Halloween...lots of candy.  I am really a summer girl but you have to embrace the changes and go with the flow, so I welcome each new season.  Finding things I love about the Fall, makes me find more things to love about Fall.  Don't you love how the Law of Attraction works.

Crisp, cool evenings make great sleeping weather.  The leaves are starting to change and soon they will be ablaze in fiery, passionate hues.  This weekend, I will be taking the kids to the pumpkin patch.   The kids love picking their own pumpkins and getting lost in the corn maze.  I really love pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin ravioli, and whatever else they can come up with pumpkin. And I love calling people Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie!!!  Ahh...feeling so much appreciation.  Life is so delicious, especially with all of you in it!!! :)

P.S.  I think I should make some Butternut Squash soup.  Delish! 

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