Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabulous Fitness!

The reason why having a personal trainer really helps people get in shape, is that they tell you that if you follow their advice, you will achieve your goal and that YOU CAN DO IT!  There are many people that follow diets and work out, where it doesn't change anything because inside their thinking is doesn't match.  I am going to make a short video soon that is going to be a PEP talk.  I always responded to pep talks, lifting your spirits is always the best way to get started.  There are two options that shift your thinking, so that your physical results will be optimal. 

1.  LOSING.  You can focus on the losing weight part.  Visualizing the excess weight falling away, as baggage that no longer serves you.  You past, fear, doubts, whatever you are letting go of so that your body and spirit is lighter.  Write down what the weight symbolizes on a piece of paper and throw it away, rip it up, or burn it. I find this works best for people that are eating to suppress emotions or to feel better. Affirm:  I am getting lighter and shining brighter. I am getting thinner and I am a winner.

2.  WINNING.  You can focus on what you are winning in the process.  During your fitness journey, you reveal a new body, and you must allow your thoughts to change in order for results to last.  What are you getting out of it.  For some, they are worried about eating to much or not exercising enough, and feeling like they are sacrificing too much, by not eating what they like or busting their butt doing hard workouts.  Shift perspective to the winning aspect.  You can list what you are winning on a piece of paper and post it so you can stay motivated.  This is what I am doing and I love seeing my body build muscle, become more flexible, and finding more endurance.  Affirm:  I am strong, flexible, and sexy.  I have lots of endurance, grace, and energy. 
~WINNING more (examples)
1. Healthy cells
2.  Muscle tone
3.  Endurance
4. Self-esteem
5.  Flexibility
6.  Energy
7.  Good energy/feelings (endorphins)
8.  Sex appeal (this is because you are feeling better)

What makes you feel good is the best for you.  Feeling healthy and alive ROCKS!  Make sure you are having fun, remember dancing is great cardio.  Trust your body, take it cues, and figure out what it likes.  Yoga, cardio, walking, weight-training, running, Pilates, Zumba, and whatever other exercise ALL works. Don't ever beat yourself up for not being a runner or that you are not coordinated for aerobics.  Variety is the spice of life and everyday they will come up with new things to try.  Isn't that awesome?  We'll never get bored.  Try walking and then lifting some weights, super-charging your life with positive affirmations.  If you change your body, but don't change your inner dialogue, you will never be thin enough/satisfied/happy.  Talk nice to yourself and you will love your body.  I am cheering you ALL on!!!

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