Sunday, October 30, 2011

What do you want?

Like the Spice Girls song goes, "So tell me whatcha want, what you really, really want....?"  I have always observed myself, which drove me mad for many years.  But being aware of your thoughts, holds the key.  When you really ask yourself what you want, it opens up the energy.  People say, I want to be rich or thin, those are external things.  They can bring you happiness, but it is said whether someone wins the lottery or is paralyzed, they go back to their natural happiness level eventually. This makes total sense because happiness is a state of mind.  Often we focus on what we don't want, rather than what we do want.  Saying that I want others to treat me better, or be nicer, gives all your power away.  And really, are you always to them, if you are talking behind their back, about how mean they are.  They are showing up how you think they will.  How often do you generalize, saying they are always mean to me.  I caught myself doing that with my teenage daughter, saying you always or you never.  I apologized and said that I would not generalize like that.  Relationships have the power to teach us about ourselves.  I would say that I wanted peace in our home but then if someone acted a way that I did not like, I didn't let it go right away.  That was all ego-I need to be right-I am a victim.  Peace has to trump ego's needs.  When you decide you make your own happiness, you don't play victim, and if you catch yourself doing STOP. 

If you have the power to create the life you want, which you do, what would it look like?  What do you want?  I want to be rich!  Well, me, I'm already rich.  Feel what that feels like to say that, "I AM RICH!"  To someone, you already are.  But what would that make you feel, because it is all about what you want to feel.  For some, it may be security, to me it means freedom.  I love picturing myself jetting off somewhere, buying sparkly things, and helping people in many ways.  It would be FUN.  Fun & Freedom is what it means to me.  If you are doing it to impress others or anything like that, it is about feeling good about yourself.  I love seeing how our thinking can shift.  We can shift our thinking, perspective, and focus on different things.  This changes everything.  You can't be afraid to look within.  you are a beautiful being, without all the ego crap.  Let that real YOU out, let him/her shine. 

In asking yourself, "WHAT DO I WANT?"
1.  I want more fun-so then so more fun things.  If you intend to have fun and allow yourself to jump at the opportunities, and enjoy it, the Universe will yield to that.  But ask, am I a fun person, maybe you need to lighten up.  Start by dancing around your house.  ;)

2.  I want a great relationship.  This applies whether you are in one or not.  Focus on your happiness, no one else can give you that.  If single-Enjoy your life, talk about people that have good relationships, and make a list of what kind of person you would like (go general).  If in relationship you would like to improve-talk about what you like about your partner, let go of the past (start fresh), be nice to them, and make yourself happy.  It sounds simple but when relationship are rocky, past dramas get brought up and the energy is yucky. 

3.  I want to be thinner, have a better body.  Now, ask why do you want that?  So others will think you are desirable, sexy, whatever.  You are enough, you are worthy, you are wanted.  Own that first. If your motives are about others, you give your power away and it will never be enough.  You will never be filled up enough by others.  If you want to feel better about you, for yourself, start loving yourself NOW.  Talk nice to yourself, post affirmations everywhere, and honor your body.  You body is an freaking, amazing, miraculous creation.  And stop the judgement of yourself and others, just let it go when it pops up. 

There are many more examples I could use but the point it, it's about thoughts and feelings and you have the power to change.  Having studied the Law of Attraction and implemented it in my life, doesn't mean you are like a Stepford wife.  I promise, you can still curse and drink wine. When you do start thinking differently, being the majority of your thoughts being positive, you attract more good thoughts.  Isn't that cool?  It means your head is in the clouds with rose-colored sunglasses on, looking at the bright side, drinking from a glass half full.  Why wait and be happy later?  When this, or that shows up, or goes away, or changes.  To me, drama is stressful, to some it's exciting, where as being like me would be boring.  Inner peace is bliss and anything but boring.  You may still get annoyed, but it's the way you handle it, you don't dwell on it, or EVER live in the past. It's all about energy, baby!  What energy are you putting out there, playing in, and vibrating.  And biggest thing I want to remind you is, you cannot worry about what others will think.  That is a life not lived.  Be bold in who you are, even if that is a quiet book worm.  Live YOUR life!  I wish all of all all your heart's desires!!!

P.S.  (as in Pretty Sexy-lol)  If any of you are interested in changing you life, check out Oprah's Life class.  It validates a lot for me and I've a gotten a few gems.  I don't have to agree with everything either but positive TV rocks! 

P.P.S.  (Perfect Priceless Self-ahh yeah)  If you want success, in business, it can be epic and rewarding, but it can't define you.  You are an infinite being (soul), in a body, you are not a job title or label.  That puts you in a box and then when you are not that, then you lose you you thought you were.  Be fabulous!  Lovies!

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