Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Sizzlers Birthday!

Not the Sizzler restaurant...Sizzer is the term for hot sisters, that my hot sister and I call each other.  We are often asked if we're sisters or twins.  We both have a love of fashion, shoes, and accessories.  I think this is because our Mom dressed us in adorable, coordinating, stylish outfits as kids. We can keep a joke going, way longer than anyone would think is human possibly.  We will still be cracking up days later.  My Dad tease you if he likes you and we both got that from him. 

I can't believe you are thirty today, even though I am already thirty-four, you're my baby sister.  Through the years, we're laughed and fought but had the strongest bond throughout.  Our memories are priceless from seeing the Easter bunny in our house, for real.  Watching thunderstorms together, microwaving  marshmallows, watching Shag/Teen Witch/Son-in-law about a million times, and even boogie boarding down a  snowy hill in our backyard.  We watched Daddy's car park itself in the snow, watch him save a bird, and convinced him to order take-out everyday.  It was delish!  Putting the fake Christmas trees together with Mommy, she always made EVERY holiday special with decorations and presents.  I am so glad we have the pictures to capture love-filled family life we had, growing up.

Now you are an old woman.  LOL.  I am so proud of all the hard work you did to become a nurse and will be cheering you as you get you RN diploma.  You are fabulous, smart, and funny.  I taught you it all.  :)  I look forward to many more fun times with you ahead.  Barnacle Bill is always waiting in the ocean for us to find him.  And we have a Girl's Night Out to plan soon.  Maybe there will be more piggyback rides and I know we will have some hilarious pictures for sure!  I love you!  Happy Birthday Lizzy! 

P.S.  Thanks for being my first cheerleader for my book.  SIZZLERS SPARKLE!

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