Monday, September 19, 2011

Jennyworld-starring Jennylicious!

Energy goes where attention flows.  ~Michael Beckwith

A few weeks ago, my husband was told that the two restaurants he was the executive chef at, were closed for good.  Shocker.  It was surreal to all the employees.  The Hispanic employees thanked him for how kind he had been to them and he felt really good hearing that.  It was a sad but loving parting for all of them.  I know for all of them, when one door closes, another opens.  The Universe has something brewing for them and they will be fine.  I envision a beautiful outcome for all of them.  That is the most honoring thing to do for them.  I know for my husband that all is well, everything is working out perfectly for us.  I am a spiritual person and fun and deep is my thing.  I am walking my talk.

I was very surprised but I never had any fear.  I know fear, doubt, and worry cuts of my flow.  I did not tell many people because they would go to worry and I will not allow anyone to make me feel anything.  No pity city here.  I was actually excited to put what I know into practice.  My husband and I make a great team and are the most connected we have ever been.  We had many business contacts immediately to draw from to look for another job.  I had so much appreciation in knowing that he was so supported by many people.  He has an interview on Wednesday!  Wahoo!  I remember seeing on Oprah, a special about the Secret and this woman in the audience spoke of her husband losing his job and how they opened up a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  That meant the Universe had something greater in for them, if they just trusted that.  I felt like that in a weird way.  The point is you have options.  You can worry and be sad.  Or you can trust and allow the perfect future to unfold for you.  It's what people mean when they say letting go and letting God.  My choice is to focus on the highest place within myself and life,  I focus my thinking. 

I am focused on my personal alignment, always.  I am aware of circumstances that can lower my vibe, which my children are always good at providing me opportunities.  I find that words don't really convey how I feel, but I can say that I am in a place of knowing.  I am more interested in dreaming, imagining, and feeling than limiting myself or my future.   I write my blog, on my facebook page, my second book, and currently looking for a literary agent/publisher for The Jennifers.  Abundance is flowing always, I am so appreciative for unemployment money.  My husband's future is so bright and mine is glowing so bright, you better put on your shades.  People may not understand why I am the way I am, but I know by the Law of Attraction that what you focus on, you create more of.  Like attracts thoughts in words, thoughts, energies, things, or whatever manifestations.  I have been loving him being home.  We fall in love more everyday, when we just stay connected to out higher selves.  He cooks yummy food and he's got a great tush!  He has great calm energy too.  The kids loving him being home and he has organized some closets.  YAY!  Life is good!  We have a place to live, food in our fridge, clothes in our closets, toys to play with, TV's to watch, cars to drive, a computer to work on, nature to enjoy, and so much love to feel.  I live in my own world and it is amazing in here.  ;)

You either coming from love or fear, in any moment.  I choose love, moment by moment, I get to choose.  Have an AMAZING day!!!

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  1. Opening a virtual bottle of the world's finest "Pop!" What else is possible?