Monday, September 19, 2011

Bake a cake!

Looking at my facebook newsfeed or yahoo page, I am reminded of other people's reality, thoughts, and feelings.  I LOVE metaphors so what came to mind is that life is cake.  People say, Life's a piece of cake, right?  They say, there are many ways to bake a cake.  Now, really if we treated other people's life choices the same way as how they bake their cake, we would have less judgment.  You wouldn't really care if they like vanilla, chocolate, or sprinkles mixed in.  My mind was full of ideas about this like:  Some like low-fat, no-fat, decadent, rich, simple, store bought, from scratch, easy way, complicated, multi-layer, with many toppings, and you could go on FOREVER!  When you look at the choices people make, you don't have to have an opinion on all of them.  it doesn't have to do with you.  Let them have their cake.  Some of them won't even eat it.  LOL!  You know, having your cake and eating it too.  My friend, Cheryl Jones, say "Having your cake and eating it too, one delicious bite at a time."  Isn't that yummy?  She loves to savor every bit of loveliness in her life and cake.  While others just want to bake as many damn cakes, as they can, without even tasting the flavors.  With my children, I would not make them like plain vanilla cake, with buttercream frosting, if they like double-devil-decadent-delicious chocolate cake.  Which they all like the richest chocolate and most of the time wear most of the cake also.  And like cake, they get to choose their interests.  I feed them, love, them, guide them, but I do not want to tell them what to like or think.  I lead by example and they will learn by my vibes, not my words as much.  They see a Mommy who loves life and tries to raise her vibes even higher everyday, who has fun everyday doing it.  If I mess up, I get over it.  If they mess up, we get over it, quick.  My oldest, who is fourteen, has seen me go through my twenties.  I always tell her she was my experiment.  I just adore her.  I love watching her grow into this amazing, confident, smart, sassy lady.  I give her room to grow.  I can give her my recipe for cake but ultimately she is going to choose her cake and how she is going to bake it. 

Now I want cake!  If I was a cake, I would be red velvet with some chocolate chips on top.  have a delicious life and enjoy your cake.  Remember, other people's cake is their cake and if they choose to share it with you, tell them their cake is great.  Lovies to all, with sprinkles on top!

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  1. Life = Cake & cake is good! Mmmmm... cake! Lulu, your cake is great because it is SO Jennylicious & it's filled with peace, love, joy AND sparkles! If I was cake, today I'd be a joyfully rich chocolate cake filled with the loveliest berries & fluffiest cream, then I'd be happily drizzled with a decadent rich ganache! OH JOY! Having my cake & eating it too- one delightfully delicious bite at a time!

    2 BLog posts (all in pj's)- I say why stop there, go for another! :D Luvyaa