Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facebooking for the Good looking!

I have been having so much fun playing in my positive thinking facebook group, posting whatever I feel moved to share.  Here's some of them.  I love looking on the bright side, feeling so connected, and sharing my good vibes.  :)

The Universe loves me so much. I always have so much fun everyday. Everything is easy! Everything works out for me, the pieces come together, I always get ahead.  My Higher self, archangels, guides, ascended masters, and the Universe gives me signs all the time.   As I go with the flow, feeling the love, they cheer me on. Life gets better everyday! I am happy. I am loved. I am rich. I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am creative. I am dynamic. I am wonderful. I am a genius. I shine my Light so bright, showering the world with my love. I AM filled with JOY as I feel my alignment and Divine connection. Did you feel it?

Say what you want to feel...and feel what you say. I love shouting from the rooftops of ~I love life!

Blame game is always the same...lame.
This Dame, you cannot tame, I'm destined for fame.

Life’s a beach.  The beach was beautiful today! My kids found a hole on the beach already dug out, which is a magical find for kids. All these kids flocked to them and we always have new friends we meet. I love watching my kids be so accepting of others, sharing their stuff, and making life their playground. Seamus spots dogs a mile away, this russet colored dog was named Nacho whose owners had a baby with Seamus's birthday. The ocean renews my spirit, seeing how everything is so connected and I am so blessed and loved. Ahh...life's good.

Next time someone asks me, "How are you?" I'm going to say...

And then when they look shocked, I'm going to say, "I am perfection!"

When they search for words to respond, I'll say, "Dontcha just love me!" And I'll laugh like an eccentric-happy-rich-woman because...WHY NOT!

When I see a rainbow,
Then I know,
Where to go.
I am on track,
No looking back.
The Universe is on my side,
And always there to guide.
A higher way of seeing
Is from my Inner Being.
It's not hocus pocus,
Just razor sharp focus.
Knowing I'm Money,
Sweet as Honey.
It's all about Trust,
That is my Must.
No need to wait,
To know that I am great.
Opening up my heart,
Is always where I start,
I'm sending you a Love dart! ---> ♥

Everyone chooses
so no one loses.
You can eat meat,
or only wheat,
in your bare feet.
What you think is fine
defining for you what is Divine.
So enjoy you wine,
No worry of crossing the line.
The key is to Align.
It's the time,
to ring your own chime.

Freedom is what it's about,
Releasing any doubt,
And I'm here to shout!
Work it girl,
give it a whirl!
Envision your dreams,
No matter what your life seems.
You're always within range,
For things to start to change.
Take a chance,
Focus on Abundance.
You can concur
A Bright future.
Even if it's a blur,
It'll come together.
Make a wish,
Swim like a fish,
Or eat something delish.
Feel good & align,
In no time you'll get a sign,
Pure love from the Divine.
And you will manifest,
The absolute very best!!!

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