Monday, April 25, 2011


Sometimes, my inner diva/teenager/rebel/brat is chirping in my ear.  Let's call her Belinda Really Annoying Today.  What a brat!  Unlike my usual high level of happiness, in a brat ego comes out mad like a tiger, feeling defeated like Eeyore, whines like a child not getting their way, life is crap like a pessimist, competitive like a warrior, oh my!  No need to feel bad, just redirect your energy and lighten up.  I think BRAT!

Being (My authentic true self)
Repatterning (Changing thoughts, actions, speaking)  
Attitude (Postivity-being a deliberate focuser with my feeling-setting the tone)
Transformation (Living from the place of alignment and connection on all levels)

When you speak to anyone, you set the tone for your experiences and your life.  Before speaking, focus on your lips.   Mine are perfect and pouty, might I add.  :)
If your Brat still wants to stick around, making you doubt yourself.  Keep doing your thing, smile, and get your good mojo feelings going!  Take a walk and smell a flower.  Here's a positive TIP:
In the

Today my mind was wandering and I thought about my writing, my book, looking for an agent, publishers, the economy,'s like a super highway in there, that's why I talk so fast.  If you watch TV and take their opinions you get caught up in that thinking.  I came across Warren Buffett and realized he is an out-of-the-boxer.  I wanted my brat to hear about people like that and Benjamin Franklin, who pushed the boundaries as well as others of their times, to change the world.  I also thought of the great like Einstein, Edison, and the Wright brothers.  They were in their own worlds. If they would have been speaking to their neighbors, their neighbors would have said, "Albie (or Tommy or you knucklehead Wright Brothers) be logical, be realistic, you're talkin' crazy talk!"  Edison's teacher said he was "addled" which means confused.  Come on, he was a freethinker.  His mind wandered.  Well, doesn't everyone's?  Edison saw what others had done and expanded on them.  He saw the beginnings of great ideas and came up with better concepts.  These inventors, geniuses, writers, businessmen did not succeed at first but built up that energy with gusto and kept going!  They did not let self doubt (their brat) or others deter them-their vision was clear.  These men thought BIG!  

When you expand your mind, the Universe expands with you.  These ideas that flowed forth from the masters, let their GENIUS shine through and allowed it come out and blossom.  
Energy of

It all starts with thought.  A few years ago, I thought, I want to be a writer. Anyone can write, I will write.  Now look...I am a writer.  What am I writing for?  Success or for the fun of it?  Allowing my creativity flow, letting my Divine spark ignite, enjoying free expression.  I love to express myself, can't ya tell?  I am following my bliss.  Getting published, making money is the goal but I am having fun on the journey.  Writing is BLISS for me.  I am so going to market these on t-shirts.  Because who doesn't love me a sparkly novelty t-shirt with a positive vibe?    

Inspired with

Sugar &

Being of
Love & Light
In a 

Just to remind your brat who is boss, you can write affirmations on post-its and place on your mirror, in your closet, your car, wherever.  Your brat doesn't know when the quest is over.  You lose weight, make more money, and it's never enough.  Choose good thoughts for your Brat to think.  Here's one.  Life is...

Fun &

Enjoy your today!  There is no right way.  Just do it your way, not that there's any other way!  Frank Sinatra had it right with "My way."  Let the Universe sort out the details, as you put your energy into what you love, what inspires, and uplifts you.  There's always been naysayers.  Just picture them in their underwear.  Just kidding!  Allow others to have their opinion, as you have yours.  They are right for them.  Whatever they think, the Universe brings them more of.  It's the Law of Attraction, baby!  Whtever you focus on, you create more of.  Ignore that brat, when you chat, like it's a gnat, and appreciate where you're at. Appreciate mucho!  Sending loads of appreciation, love bubbles, and good thoughts to all who read and support my writing.  We are all brilliant ROCKSTARS at life!!!  

P.S.  (As in Pretty Sensational)  I find inspiration in many ways.  I love quotes and there are many great quotes from Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Buddha, Jesus, and many others who were forward thinkers. is one resource to look them up.  (Obviously you can look in the Bible for Jesus)

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