Friday, April 15, 2011

Addicted to Happiness!!! :)

Hello Lovies!!!  I am back from the magical land of Disney World.  I had a blast.  I am always learning & loving something!  I am so excited to be making a deliberate intention to focus on the most positive way of being and keeping my vibrations higher...which makes me HAPPY!  Tweaking the way I tell my story is a great way to feel good.  Recalling my trip and speaking of the hiccups lowers my mood, unless I can make it funny, which I always do.  I milk the good parts, bask in my inner brilliance, focusing on JOY.  I had opportunities in plans changing where there was the need to go with the flow.  *ALWAYS* finding I really do feel my way to happiness.  Being around certain people, watching certain things, talking about specific subjects lead to certain emotions.  I LIKE TO FEEL GOOD-so I go in that direction.  I LOVE ignoring, when I can, what I don't want/like and putting my energy into what I do want/like, enjoying everything I can.  I love learning about what makes me happy, knowing everyone will benefit from that.  I put myself first, let myself shine, loving me, and living the life I want.  Let people talk, let them think you are crazy.  Who cares?  On my vacation, I got my face painted and the girl gave me extra glitter, I bought, sequined Mickey ears, a sparkly tiara, and my Mommy bought me a princess one that lights up.  And I am 33!  My Daddy rolls his eyes but I know secretly I amuse him.  I like to play, be silly, and always grow-becoming more happy. 

Here's some luscious life learnings:  The first key for me was to be my own COP to my thoughts.  Letting go on a daily basis until you realize your thoughts are clearer.  If your thoughts dwell on:
Comparing yourself to others
Opinions of others mattering more than your own
People Pleasing

You can stop a thought before it sprouts another one by saying, BACK THE TRUCK UP!  I missed my turn and I am going in a different direction.  ~Comparing yourself to others, for one, is like aiming your dart at the wrong target.  It's like a sapphire wanting to be an emerald. 
~Opinions of others mattering more than your own.  The opinion that others have about you-is about them, not you.  You tell people who you are, not vice versa. 

~Pleasing others is fruitless.  Your job is to make you happy, and there job is to make themselves happy.  Fill up your own tank and you will be a joy to be around-everyone will be better off.

My JOB is...


I love the saying "It's all good."  Knowing that happiness is an inside job!  All is well with me.~

Alignment with
Love &



Everything we say is an affirmation we are declaring to others and the Universe.  What are you saying?  It is awesome knowing that we can change how we speak of things, ourselves, and others.  When we do-things do change.  
Every moment you think what you want, you are in charge of your mind...isn't that COOL!    

I'm going for an EPIC life!
Perfection of

Sparkle, chickadees!  ROCK and SHINE like a diamond!  Sending lots of good vibes in the form of rainbows, glitter, & bubbles.  Look for it!  ;)  

P.S.  When in doubt, just laugh or dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Holy Batgirl! Back the truck up!!!! lol You're such a lulu! MWah

  2. my heart is singing (the Mickey Mouse song)It's me, Bill