Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh YEAH~Rock on with your BAD self!

Oh YEAH, as in:  

And Bad as in:

I love being silly and having fun!  I love letting my dork out, my rockstar, blingin' princess, and spiritual goddess at the same time!   My parents wanted me to grow up, like all of them do and I did.  You follow their rules.  One of my Dad's was you can never leave the house with wet hair.  LOL.  He made up his own rules for himself and me.  His rules always crack me up.  As a mom, sometimes my kids will question my rules and I laugh because I think—I don't know?  It's because everyone else does, you are suppose to, or some book says so.  I have learned that I really want my kids to be happy, live their best life for them, and  love themselves over all.  When I was younger, I did what was expected and would feel good and then I wouldn't.  I remember a boyfriend didn't like my perfume so I stopped wearing it.  OH MY, I was good at becoming the chameleon/people pleaser/altered version of myself.  We cannot be truly happy living by others rules, standards, or ideals if they— at our core, are not ours.  We can try them on to see if they fit, mix them with our own, finding a balance or it makes us more clear on what we do want/like/believe. 

Now, I come full circle to having my teenage daughter trying to give me rules.  I am to only post once a day on Facebook and I must get three comments or it's a failure, to be taken down immediately.  I must dress like a MOM, which apparently means I must dress from JCPenney, which is funny because I got some killer glitter high heels from there.  I am being told to grow up again and follow some more rules.  Well, I intuitive go through my life making them up and changing them as I go allow.  That's what we all do, make our own.   Btw, my daughter listed about 20 rules that I break on a daily basis.  I laugh at this!  
The old version of GROWing up:
Real with 

The new version is GROWing as a person:
Gaining a
Relationship with 

We are always growing into a new version of ourselves-everyday!  Thank goodness we are always changing, it is way more FUN to be able to making new choices, new preferences, new friends, new beginnings, new favorites, and new lives.  You can even have everything stay the same and just think in a new way, change your favorite color, find a new hobby, or get a cute new hairstyle.  Sometimes it isn't until there is a life crisis or some life-changing thing happens that forces us to change.  Why wait until something happens?  BE who you want to be NOW!

If no one ever broke the rules—nothing would have ever changed.  You don't necessarily need to quit your day job and become a rockstar but you could have a garage band, take singing lessons, or even just listen to your favorite music real loud and play air guitar more often.  I am REALLY good at that!  Why not?  That's my answer a lot!  A great question I have heard was, What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?  Hmmm.  It reminds me of being young and seeing the world full of possibilities.  Well, guess what?  They are still there.  What usually stands in your way is fear.  And without that, what would you be.  A lot happier and freer.  Think about it.    

And if people make fun of your changes (like my daughter does to me), remember you are living YOUR life, not theirs.  Those nudge buckets that tease you help you gain confidence and a good sense of humor.  I love you darling daughter, McKayla.  And Love & Light to all! 


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  1. You're a shining rockstar in my world, Jenny. I love how you share your witty and wise perspective on life - challenging us to go deeper, to live our authentic self! You're the best - no matter WHAT your daughter says. :o)