Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ahhhh.....The super moon!  I had to go down to the beach and see the majesty of the beautiful Universe.  All the clearing, cleansing, and releasing of old patterns that went along with it-I embrace it all.  I am so glad I have the awareness to see clearly. 

I felt the energy changing leading up to it and I was feeling out of balance.  But I fought it hard, as the positive person I am.  I try to focus on what I want and like, as much as I can.  Complaining is not something I like to dwell in too's yucky!  I see worry and guilt as the same thing—negativity, only one is in the future and other is in the past. I did not want to talk about my funky monkey mood because I did not want to create more of it and and wished I could hide in a cave.  Well, my four kids would not have appreciated it very much.  And most moms have had those days where you are trying...but everything keeps ticking you off. 

My youngest, one year old Seamus, was teething and crabby which helped.  LOL.  He knocked over my ice water which I yelled for a towel to my daughter, as I was drenched and trying to prevent it from getting under the computer tower.  As I put my wet sweatshirt in the laundry room, I was doing the mad-talk-where-you-say-&^#$@-whatever-stupid water.  I know I would have been comical to watch.  I went in my room to get another shirt and I started to cry and all these emotions came up, out of nowhere.  I knew it was old patterns of thought I use to think.  Thank God, I don't anymore!  It was the story where you are telling yourself all this stuff where you are a victim and all this stuff is wrong—it was an EGO pity party.  I would wipe my tears and go in another room and boo-hoo would come back.  So I surrendered for a few minutes and let the storm pass.  I told my daughter, every once in a while you need a good cry.  I knew that I wanted to feel better so I put up Easter decorations and voila!  I was in my happy place again! 

I let go of the drama and allowed myself to naturally get back to ME.  I know the real me is a beautiful, kind, creative, dynamic, authentic, smart, positive, among others and I OWN it!  You have to love yourself, all of you!  So new acronyms:     
Our Wonderful Nature, Outrageous Wonderlicious Nirvana, Outstanding Well-being & Newness (you pick)

Sometimes we have to SIT.
Saturation (information, emotions, feelings)
Integration (processing it all)

MOON-Thank you full moon for your nudge for me to let what needs to fall away making way for more good flowing energy!
Making an

My HEART felt so full with the full moon, like my heart chakra was fully open to the MAX.  Going with how I feel as my guide.
Energy of

I love where I am at.  Seeing my future open with wonderful possibilities and I trust that.  I wish everyone the happiness that I feel.  I choose that! And I find more and more things to be happy about-everyday!  :)

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  1. Lovely stuff! Thank you for sharing so openly. I had my own moon madness, but now I'm ready for my OWN open HEART! :) ♥