Friday, December 21, 2012

In 2013, you can get more lean or just be a Queen.

We're heading into the holiday hoopla-happiness-haze that lasts until the kids go back to school in the Perry household.  I am looking towards 2013 with some new goals.  I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all to look at resolutions for yourself...with joy, not self-doubt and dread.  Focusing on what you want is always good.  Even if you're not even close to where you want to be with your goal, I believe in you.  I believe it is possible.  I'm going to share what mine was last year.

January 1st of 2012, I started the day with a polar plunge into the frigid Atlantic Ocean in a bikini.  I wanted to look rockin' in a bikini for the summer and started to envision that happening.  I got myself mentally geared up, but didn't really commit until February 28th.  That is when I was ready.  And I achieved my goal.  It really wasn't about a number, it was about a feeling.  I wanted to really be comfortable with my body.  I wanted to get lean, but I really wanted to feel like a Queen.  When you want to lose weight, it can help you to see the pounds dropping on that scale.  But it doesn't happen overnight, so weighing yourself no more than once a week is beneficial.   You almost have to ignore what is, your current you, and just look forward.  KNOWING that each meal, each workout, each day is creating this new you.  It will pay off.  You know this.  It's science.  After having four kids, I know how to lose weight and have been up and down.  This time, I knew feeling good is an inside job.  I looked at what I ate and how I exercised as just choices.  Not good or bad, just choices.  If I made them good or bad, I'd make me good or bad.  I really made my goal about being strong.  Try that one on for size, instead of saying:  "Ugh, I'm so fat.  I NEED to lose weight, but I hate to exercise....blah, blah, blah."  Say:  "I'm getting in shape this year.  I am going to be so strong.  I can't wait to see what I can do.  There are great meals I can come up with.  I'll make it an adventure to see what exercise I like."  See how much the energy changes.  YOU CAN CHANGE.  If you want to change something, you can.  Enjoy your journey whatever it is.

Now losing weight may not be your goal and it doesn't matter what it is.  Love yourself first.  Always feel like a Queen...or King.  But if you absolutely hate everything right now and force yourself to make changes, you're looking at circumstances which ultimately are not what make you happy.  You do.  And really examine what your goals are and why you want them.  They have to be for you.  Listen to your heart whispers.   What are they telling you?  Have you always wanted to do something?  Do you know something needs to change?  Does the Universe keep giving you signs?  Not reaching outside of your comfort zone keeps you comfortable, which is not living up to your full potential.  Some moments along your journey shake you up, bring up doubt, making you question yourself.  This is good.  Then you see what you are made of.  Don't let stress or being uncomfortable stop you from your goal.  They're just growing pains.  Even this week, I was dealing with stress and self-doubt crept its ugly head up and I had to decide what to do.  I felt extremely uncomfortable and trusted that it would be okay.  It will be okay.  I choose me.  And I want you to choose you.  I am cheering you on and know that 2013 is YOUR year!  Maybe this is your sign from the Universe.  If it touches your heart, it is.  I believe in you.  Before the clock strikes midnight, commit to writing down goals for 2013.  Let your imagination go wild with possibility for what your life could look like.  What do you want to feel in 2013?  Dream big!  Next will come the steps to get there, but first declare what you want to the Universe.  GO________(insert your name), GO!  Got my sparkly pom-poms and I am rooting for you, Kings & Queens!!!  Woohoo!!!

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