Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ya never know...

I have a blog, a Facebook page, and am starting this business as Peace Love Joy & Sparkles.  But ya never know...I could be a complete asshole in real life.  I'm not.  I promise...most of the time.  LOL!  I'm just kidding.  My message is about loving yourself and being about love, coming from the highest of intentions, and living from your higher self.  This does not mean that I don't make mistakes, I'm never striving for perfection...I'm striving to be me.  Living my truth means that I am authentic.  I live with an open heart.  I'm honest about my struggles.  Most importantly, I'm honest with myself.    So I'm writing this blog, not so anyone thinks I'm anything, or to toot my own horn.  Although I do loving tootin' my own horn and love hearing other tootin' theirs.  I felt inspired to write this.  I'm sharing my feelings so that maybe someone will learn something or I'll make them think.

Someone had said some mean stuff about me.  It caught me off guard and I was wondering why I was experiencing this drama.  But on some level, I didn't even feel like what they said was even about me. I mean we all live life through our own filter, our perspective, and sometimes our wounds.  I made a choice to not be angry.  It was kind of surreal.  I wished them well.  I really meant it.  I knew in my heart that there is not room for grudges, resentments, guilt, regret, or any of that.  I like to keep more room for love.  So I moved on.  I forgave.  I chose me.  I chose love.  I chose God-Source-Universe.

Eventually, I ran into them.  A rush of fear-if you'd call it that, came over me.  See, I don't do enemies.  I don't do hard feelings against other people.  I don't like feeling uncomfortable or hardened towards anyone.  I try to live on the high road.  Or at least if I take the wrong exit, I get right back on quick.  What did I do in that panicked moment?  I went up and hugged them.  I said, "I don't have anything against you" or something like that.  It was a holy moment.  I am not weak by doing this.  I don't need anyone to think I was strong either.  I chose me again.  I chose God again.  This made me feel good.  Being mad at them punishes me, by letting toxic feelings keep brewing inside.  And ya never know...they could be going through struggles that I can't imagine.  Just like they may judge me for whatever...ya never know what's in someone's heart. 

I just ran into them again and felt that oh-this-is-awkward-I-feel-like-I'm-in-high-school-again.  I don't have to care what people think, but if people dislike you, it's a weird energy to be in.  I chose me and God again.  I went up to the person, who was with someone else that I know, and I talked to them like all the drama had never happen.  We both know it did, but I let it go.  You can be acquaintances, without being each others cup of tea.  Living like this makes me feel free.  And I send them love, 'cause that's how I roll.  I don't think that I'm better than anyone because I did this or feel this.  I live like this for me.  I choose to forgive myself and others, to live a fuller, more fulfilled, richer life.  And I am a teacher for my children especially.  I choose to look at my life as a spiritual journey, every single day and live it as such. 

So when you see a chick driving around with pink heart shaped sunglasses and a pink raincoat, blasting her music and singing along,  you may think...she looks superficial, like a flake, like a wild child.  Ya never know...she might be pretty deep too.  (This pink girl would be me with my Jennylicious style.)  Maybe I am a wild child, but I'm also praying and sending love to all the drivers on the road, the construction workers, the gentlemen who did my nails, his family, my family, my friends, my haters, mean people, everyone I know, and the whole entire Universe.  I send you all blessings right now.  And remember ya never know...look deeper, past the ego-drama-surface and see people on a soul level.  Let go of some judgement.  You may meet a stranger that's having a really bad day, but they come across as a jerk...ya never know.  Send them love, they may be acting out of pain.  Either way, it doesn't matter because when you rise above and come from love, you benefit.  And so does everyone else. 


  1. but they come across as a jerk... (the important thing is "do they bite"?)

  2. One of the thoughts I had a while back that has never left me, and that this seems to embody is first of all, why can't people assume the best intentions instead of the worst when more than one possible set of intentions can be ascribed to someones comment or actions? Why do people always seem to gravitate to the worst view of what that person meant.

    Live so that at the end of the day, you have no regrets about the way you chose to respond to someone, and most likely you will have touched some lives that day and made the world a better place. Thanks for your thoughts.