Friday, January 7, 2011

Merging polarity

I use to be scared of my own shadow, literally and figuratively, because we all have a  shadow side.  I was scared of being judged, being safe, not being loved and accepted-all this fear junk.  I acted out of this place, living with my heart wounded and closed, at times, but I created it.  My past feels like another life now, when I was younger and struggled in my life.  In my adulthood though, not many could see this, I was good at putting on a show.  I don't dwell on this, so I see it all as part of my journey to this beautiful place.  Up until recently, I would in theory, believe, we are all one-we are all part of Source.  In reality, I was afraid of others, of my so called "darker" or "lower" parts of me.  The duality, of being on a diet or not, fat or thin, rich or poor, smart or dumb, on track or off, spiritual or unaware, good or's all there.

Along my journey to finding myself, I am striving to live authentically, walking my talk, as much as I can.  If I slip up-I forgive myself and move on.  I am human, after all.  I am setting intentions and creating my experience- right, so what do I want to feel- peace, love, and joy inside.  Anything that is a match to that, I will attract to me.  I let go of the worry that I will attract the "bad" or "evil" into my experience.  I believe I am always protected but don't need protection because we are all one-I send love out into humanity, the Earth, Universe, all that is.  I share what I feel, so that someone may learn or get some piece for it for them.  Opening our hearts to share what we have learned, from a heart centered place, is one of  gifts to share with humanity.  We are all teachers and all students.   I learn everyday from someone, whether they realize it or not.

We all have something, annoying or considered negative, like you are quiet and someone doesn't like that.  We are all so different, we are all perfect though.  As an observer, we see that when people do the things that do annoy u, there is something for us to learn.  If we are conscious of our lives, we see so much more.   I usually try to see, if someone does or says something I don't like-if I have done that before to someone.  Working in our growth can see tough but when we see improvement, feel good.  It doesn't have to be difficult, if we choose to grow with ease.  My intention is for the Universe to show me what I need to hear, see, know, integrate, process with ease.   Sometimes, our lessons will show up from a story we hear in the news, of all places.

I found the irony and duality of it all, mirrored to me yesterday.  There was a homeless man on TV, who was discovered for have a golden voice yesterday.  Later on the internet, it was posted he had a checkered past, who doesn't-lol, and then the posted his prior mugshots from drugs and so forth.  So now, he'll be famous for his voice.  I thought about all the people who have become famous from their voice, singers and rockstars, who had turned to drugs and alcohol.  People still think the homeless man is lower than the Whitney Houston's of the world, class and worth-wise.  We are all the judgment, the bad choices, the famous, the homeless, I accept this for myself.  I cannot be in the fear of people I deem to be lower and still be vibrating love.  I can accept that it  I see the good in the world and others and send love to all.  I open my heart wide and trust the Universe and trust that all is how it should be.

I am merging-the me(my persona) I know, the observer, my higher self, and the I AM presence(God).  This is my vision that I am stepping into, I wish all of you to see your vision clear and that you can walk the path of love-letting your vision become your reality.  :)

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