Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Oh, no she didn't!"

~We all have a story we tell about our lives and especially what is going on right now.  I decided to write this yesterday and I was feeling really good. Then I argued with my daughter and went into the drama with her.  I played victim, which I abhor.  In reality, we teach people how to treat us.  Anyway, I was focusing on what I did not want.  Duh...that's silly to stay there, you never find solutions there.  Today, I writing this and I am back to me.  The me I have made for myself is much more fun.  I chose to have a life that is happy, fun, meaningful, magical, enlightened and creating the feeling of it, regardless of what is going on.  (This is most of the time-but come on, I'm human-I can still get mad for a moment, if I choose.) 

~You can lead a life of, "Oh, no she didn't"-where people are doing things to you constantly.  You can call it "Oh no she didn't" list or you can have a shit list.  My Dad would tell me that I was on his shit list, in my teens. LOL  It's a glass half empty list, the woe is me list, life sucks because list, I have every right to be unhappy list, and you would be half right to have these list.  Everyone can tell their life story through a negative lists like these.  You can list how people have done you wrong.  Your parents didn't love you enough, your lover left you, your kids don't listen to you, your coworkers don't respect you, your friend was mean to you-yes.  Life was bad to you because you didn't win the spelling bee in 3rd grade, you didn't get the job you wanted, you are fat, you don't have enough money, your house needs repairs, you couldn't have the life you wanted-yes.  You screwed up in college, you yell at your kids too much, you aren't good enough at this...this...and this, you did this wrong in whatever-yes.  You are totally free to keep a tally of all these things. can think a different way.

~Thinking from a different perspective can happen without a tragedy for you to APPRECIATE what is good.  It doesn't mean that things can't be improved or you are settling.  With the energy that goes into a gratitude list will create more good things to be grateful for.  I like the word appreciation rather that gratitude because it feels better but- to each, his own.  I use to find all that was wrong and I shifted to trying to see the bright side.  I don't even feel the need to include certain things in my life story because there is no value to it.  You get to chose how you tell your story.  Right now, I rent my home.  I could feel bad that I don't own a home yet but that is pointless to me.  I have a happy list of life.  You could really split it up three ways if you want.  1.  Life has been good to me or life is good because...  2.  People have been good to me people are great be...  3.  I did this right or I totally rock because...  You will feel wonderful if you do this a strive to live from this place.  Even remembering how you felt on a vacation will make you feel fabulous and you can add that to your list.   

~There is a lot working in your life, if you are kind enough to yourself to look for it.  Loving yourself is not about your ego, it's about your spirit.  Being a spiritual person means being close to God, by feeling the Divine inside of you-accepting your worthiness of the love.  Beaming light and love from your being-into life means being JOYOUS!  This is what I want for my life and it makes me happy.  You can have whatever relationship you want with God.  It's so cool, we get to choose!  How other people see me, my life, or God is up to them.  I get to chose what I want for myself and how I get to feel about it.  No one can make you feel anything you don't want to.  Yay!  We have the power.  

~Luckily I have figured to become more authentic everyday in how I live.  I use to have a really hard time being myself-I was so concerned with what others thought.  What I know for sure now is that I know what is right for me and being positive is my thing.  I am writing my life the way I want.  Yes, things have gone wrong, I have made mistakes, but who cares?  Life starts over everyday.  And you can think differently by leaning into where you want to be.  Every day, you can get happier-starting thought by thought.  I think happy thoughts as much as possible.  I see my life as quite magical.  In making mistakes in my life, it led me to know myself better and really appreciate the things that I value.  I have amazing parents, wonderful husband, beautiful kids, and incredible friends.  I have had super cool vacations, I have a rockin' navy minivan, and I always have money to feed my kids, a great house to live in, and fantastic stuff in it to boot.  I also decided I was writing a book without any writing background whatsoever and you get to choose where you steer your life.  My absolute wish for all of you is for you to get out of life what you want.  Start seeing glass half full, life is good, tell your good-life story, and see things change.  Above all-Follow your bliss!  xoxo    

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