Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Haze Maze

WOW, do I feel good!  After having a sinus infection where my ears, throat, and head felt awful-I feel the haze is gone and I am even clearer.  It was a weird process where I resisted feeling bad, feeling foggy in my brain and like I had zero energy except to heal-to then waking up to life again.  I had to piece everything back together and figure out if my life needed any adjustments.  Yes, I have to do the laundry, feed the kids, and all that but is my schedule flowing well towards what I want or do I need to make changes.  It gave me perspective to know how I want to feel and even reminded me how much I want to achieve goals and make all my dreams come true.  I actually learned a lot.  After I got out of the maze I was in for a few days. 

The introspective thoughts were fleeting because I was in a haze and while I was feeling self-pity and lousy, whatever I thought about seemed dim.  It was the Law of Attraction at work.  If I was focused on things that were wrong, I found more things and blocks to clear in my path.  I just must have needed a mini-pity party.  My pity party was drinking tea and reading a book, nothing big, because I know I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for in my life.  I use to throw pity parties for myself all the time, dreading going to grocery store, worrying about money, or bitching about belly fat. I wonder if you really did throw an official pity party-if you should wear drab clothes, serve crappy food, and listen to sad love songs.  Hehe-funny picture to me!  I would rsvp NO to that one. 

Even though I didn't feel good, I was grateful for having the doctor get me right in, that I have insurance, prescription plan, and I love living from a place of gratitiude for what I DO have, which compared to the rest of the world is pretty darn fabulous.  I kept working on feeling better on all levels and knew-this too shall pass-and I'd go back to how awesome I usually feel most of the time.  I needed to rest my mind and my body, although I read a great book, which made me forget I was sick for a while.  It also confirmed how much I love to write, read, words, and characters, going to different worlds that books can take you to.  I want my book to take people somewhere, make them meet cool people, make them feel things and have them get something out of it.  I most of all want people top feel good which is my mission in life.  And no...not because I'm a reformed people-pleaser.  Because I like to feel good, that's why!

Singing loud in the car, even when my throat hurt, was helpful to my spirit...and getting back to the higher vibration I like to be at.  I happen to hear a song on the radio that brought me back to when I was younger, it's crazy how you can jump back in time and you feel the emotions all over again.  Well, the same can be for the future.  You could play a song and really think about great things happening that you want and every time you listen to it-feel good.  It's not the song, it's the energy attached to it-how it makes you feel.  If you want to feel good, do things that make you feel good, talk about things that make you feel good, watch things that make you feel good, listen to things that make you feel good, eat things that make you feel good-live from that place.  If you can come from the place of feeling good most of the time, being grateful for something we take for granted every day-our health, then everything improves.  External things don't have to change to make us happy, it's from the inside out. 

Life can feel like a haze maze sometimes.  Not like a real maze-which I am not fond of-I'm not the one to follow in one of them.  You'll never get out.  :)  Often at some point in our life, we ask what am I doing, what direction should I go in, we are always making or going through changes in life.  If we can focus on the good-feeling stuff or what good things we do have...life become clearer and you see it's not really a maze.  When we are looking at our problems, the maze is all in your head and really opening is right there if we can readjust our vision.  Whatever you focus on you create more of.  Make a list of things you are grateful for everyday and you will see that how you "see" things will be different.  

I am grateful for all of you that are taking the time to read this.
Enjoy life!
Love & Light to all!  xoxo 

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