Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I ♥ ME!

Traditionally, in America, we give thanks for our family and our many blessings on THANKSGIVING.  I decided to rebel and post as my facebook status, that I am thankful for myself.  I really am.  I tell my family how much I appreciate them daily.  I am thankful for everything (my kids, hubby, parents, sister, friends, home, cars, food in my fridge, and all the wonderful things in my life.)  I think that already with my youngest, who will be two in January, I have said, " I love you" a billizion times.  Now back to me.  LOL.  Here's why it is so important, in my experience to make self-love the most important. 

I was a young mom, of twenty, and I fell in love with my little princess.  But as I went through my twenties, issues I never dealt with, like loving myself, made it difficult for me to unconditionally love.  I ate myself silly for a while and did not like how my body was.  I lost a lot of weight, which was great for my ego, for a while.  I still did not like myself or feel good enough. I would want good things to happen for me, but I would beat the hell out of myself internally, for my mistakes.  I did not think I deserved great things, on this unconscious level.  I compare myself to other mothers and did not feel I measured up in many ways. I judged myself all the time.  I wanted to be happy, I just thought it would be after external things changed.  A really funny one is, thinking if your kids do not talk back, you would be happy. Way to give your power away.  Enough with the past, fast forward to now.  I did a lot of focusing on positive thinking, Law of Attraction, studying spirituality. I bloomed into the best version of myself. 

  Now, I love myself.  I love who I have become.  I love everything about myself.  I just get better and better.  I get smarter and more creative, as I let myself be true to me.  I open my heart more and more, judging less, having more fun every day.  I am a brilliant writer. I get hotter, sexier, more beautiful, as I let how I feel about myself, the most important thing.  I love my freckles, my angel kisses!  I love my gorgeous red hair, my bright blue eyes, and my pouty lips.  I love my curves, the strong muscles,and my 5'0 frame.  I love every cell of my body, in the magnificent vessel it is.  I love that this body has nurtured four healthy babies, given birth to them, and then nourished them when they were born.  I love my ability to change, to grow, to adapt, and ultimately shine.  I appreciate that I am a Divine spark in this amazing body.   I am going to live this life to the fullest, embracing all the deliciousness there is.  I am such a rockstar.  I am the bee's knees, the cat's meow.  I am so proud of who I am.  This true self-love comes from your spirit, not your ego. 

Why not think you are the greatest thing in this Universe?   Everyone should.  There is no competition.  We can all be #1 in our lives.  When you really love yourself, you set boundaries.  You teach people how to treat you.  It's really about your energy though. People can feel your self-love and confidence and will treat you differently.  When you love yourself, you give, with no strings attached. You don't need anyone to validate you, or act a certain way to make you happy.  Everyone on the planet can tell you how great you are, but it would not matter, if you did not believe it.  And what a waste of a amazing life, to not love yourself.  Guilt, doubt, fear, regret, judgement, & negativity have to be evicted out of your brain.  You are so worth it. 

Some tasty tips:

~Affirmations. Post them everywhere and repeat them aloud to yourself.  After a while, that is what is running in your head, that kind, loving voice.

~Follow your dreams.  Find what makes you happy and go for it.  Do things, surround yourself with, find things that bring you joy.

~Think positively about life.  Give yourself a break from judging yourself and others.  Opening your mind and heart is freeing.

~Appreciate the good in your life.  It feels great to focus on that.  Take it in.  Know you are worth it, you deserve it. 

~Decide that you change the way you think.  Your thoughts are not stuck forever in your head.  You can change your mind, in any moment.  Isn't that reassuring? 

I am thankful for all you read my blogs and just for people in general.  There are just so many awesome people out there.   Be thankful for yourself.  Say, I LOVE ME!  Lovies to ALL!

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