Friday, December 2, 2011

You got this, Girl!

I was on the treadmill yesterday and I was thinking about how excited I am about my life.  I am going to be choosing a cover design for my book this weekend.  I'm doing it!  I live consciously, training myself to think positively and keep my vibrations high.  I have no room for doubt, if I want to live the life I see myself living. Can I speak on stage?  Hell yeah!  Can I write more delicious fiction?  Sure can!  Do I have distinct outlook that would make a great self-improvement book?  Of course.  If you think that there is nothing special about you, or that there are so many writers out there, why have sealed your fate.  You gotta go for it.  Even if you don't know exactly what that is, dwell in the possibilities and daydream about what you LOVE.  There are little signs and nudges you'll get from the Universe.  I don't know exactly know if it was my inner being/soul, talking to Jennylicious, or vice versa.  But we all talk to ourselves internally, just by our train of thinking.  If you vocalized what you thought, you may see a subconscious pattern.  You can always start telling yourself nice things, which is why I will share what I told myself.  It went like this:

You got this, Girl.  Success is knockin' at your door and you are ready.  You have what it takes.  You're a rockstar!  You just gotta be true to you and stay centered.  You really can't care what anyone thinks, good or bad, or else you won't be at your full potential.  Stay in your zone, create from there and others will be inspired.  If you go in their zone, you get mixed up in their opinions.  Come on, you feel it. You know you are special and it's time to shine, showing others how they can do it to.  Just keep loving yourself.  You know you are good enough and worthy.  You've done the work, you studied the Law of Attraction, you've let go of limited beliefs, you have made your high-good-fab-vibes your life.  You created a new you, every day, perfecting your thinking and attitude.  This is gonna be awesome!  You are going to rock this!  It's gonna be fun!  Thank you, Universe.  I just love you.  Thank you me, my beautiful family, my parents, sister, friends, trees, life, chocolate, Christmas... I can't even remember what else because I was caught up in the moment.  Appreciation is powerful.  (I love a good pep talk-YAY me!)  * Why not try it yourself? 

So naysayers, haters, doubters, pessimists, need not bother...I  believe in me and that is all that every matters.  And people love and cheer me on anyway.  It's just sometimes people mean well, they just don't want you to aim for the sky, sitting your bar high, dreaming big.  Anyone who has achieved big things has started with an idea, a thought, a concept that was not real yet.  It was not born yet, it had to be created.  I do not believe in luck.  We attract what we expect.  If we embody success, prosperity, creativity, confidence, WATCH OUT WORLD!  Tip:  You can always talk yourself out of fear or doubt.  You do not have to believe every random thought that comes in your head. 

I could write every minute, of every day, but get nowhere.  What it takes, on a thinking level, is a positive attitude.  Check!  Step by step, everyday, I am closer to my goals, BUT I live in the now.  Love right now to make your future bright.  Start listing what you like bout life, even the littlest things.  Your outlook will transform and you will see things differently.  GO YOU!  

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