Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bliss List

I love the quote:  "Follow your bliss," by Joseph Campbell.  I love the idea of finding your bliss and living your life to the fullest.  Instead of a bucket list, I am writing bliss list.  These are things that speak to my soul, that the very idea of them brings me joy.  By writing them down, you gain more clarity surrounding them and you are telling the Universe that's what you want.  Nothing is to big, too small, to superficial, too ludicrous, because it is YOUR list.  How the hell does anyone know what is possible for you?  Anything is possible.  I'll start with twenty things.  Let's start having some fun. 

1.   To skydive
2.   To go into the jewelry store and buy myself diamonds
3.   To learn to surf
4.   To learn to play guitar
5.   To be on the NY Times Bestseller's list
6.   To meet Oprah
7.   To take dance lessons
8.   To take singing lessons
9.   To have a hot tub
10.  To go to Paris
11.  To take my parents on a tropical vacation
12.  To fly on a private jet
13.  To buy a stranger a house
14.  To go to Africa and bring presents for children
15.  To drink Cristal
16.  To swim with dolphins
17.  Own a pair of Louboutins
18.  Have a show on stage, to uplift & inspire others
19.  Have a dog, or two.
20.  Zipline in Hawaii

These are just off the top of my head.  There are so many beautiful places that I want to see like Costa Rica, Bora Bora, Redwoods, Red Rocks in New Mexico, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and places with volcanoes, geysers, and many more beautiful natural wonders.  I am going places, baby! 

For me, it's freeing to do this publicly, but you can keep yours private.  I say, this is me, people...take it or leave it, but these are some of MY desires.  I will come up with even more, even later on today.  I am a dreamer, a believer.  I am already so damn happy, just eating a yummy lunch, that I cannot even imagine how fun these will be.  Let your imagination go wild.  Why not live this life to that max.  Take a risk, to BE your true self.  You are free to think whatever you want, want whatever you want, and be whatever you want.  No excuses, dare to be true to you, regardless of what others think.  If you feel drawn to something, pay attention to that.  You higher self, soul, inner being is your guide.  Your soul stirrings are for YOU, to see which path to take.  Don't worry about others paths, that is theirs, keep your eyes on the road.  BE YOU!  Write your bliss list, make a vision board.  What are you waiting for?  


  1. I love your bliss list and your enthusiam for life! I'd love to make a "bliss list" for my blog at Zen Mama. Would you mind and I will definitely reference you and your blog! Plus your wonderful facebook page.

  2. I just saw this and you sure can, Sweets!!!!!!!!!! :D