Tuesday, January 29, 2013

.Deliciously you.

You are not confined nor defined by others opinions of you. Yes, we may care about what our loved ones, friends and colleagues think of us…we just can’t be attached to it. First of all, we are only guessing what they actually think. We are not in their heads. Everyone has a certain way they see the world. You can’t expect to change their opinion. From their perspective, their lens, their life so far, you are _______. Does that really have to do with you? Nope. If someone is from a different generation or culture, they are seeing you through that lens. They may have a reaction to you, like you triggered something with them, you pushed their button unintentionally. How dare you be so bold? How dare you feel so free? Mmm…they may not be allowing themselves to live fully. This has nothing to do with you. You still gotta do your thing, dance your dance, shine you light.

Question is…do you feel that you have to act different in front of specific people? Obviously at work you would not be telling your boss something you would tell your best friend. But are you allowing people to see the true you? Don’t tame your spirit for the sake of others. We are meant to feel free to express, create, be, and grow every day in some way. Living by someone else’s set of rules for themselves gets you nowhere. It doesn’t bring you closer to you. You can observe others, which can give you clarity on what YOU think and feel. It can shed light on your own truth. Ultimately, you will carve out your own path, one that no one has ever walked. We all do.

Just be you. Be your delicious self. Your flavor is unique to you, which some may not like. But when you are truly you, authentically being you, you will surely inspire someone else to live their full vibrant self. You teach that there is a new way. You can live your own life and make up your own rules (or none at all). If this scares people, they don’t understand, they think you’re crazy, just bless them and put the focus back onto you. You have your own answers. You know what’s right for you. Trust yourself. And let the peanut gallery do their own thing.

My perspective is: What you think of me is none of my beeswax. You can think, until your face turns pink. I’ll keep on being me, as I am free to be.

Originally posted on 2baware.net where I am a contributor. :)

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