Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I've got super-POWER$!

Energy into

Sometimes, you may feel powerless to circumstance.  That is normal.  Who wants to be normal though?   You can fit in and shut up, or go along with the crowd's consensus, or you can stand out and be an original.  We are of course all originals, with a varying degree of fusion of other people's influence on our lives.  Starting when you are young, you see in others what you like and dislike and model yourself as such.  So here's where the fun begins.  Every day, we have the power to change who we are by one really deliberate thing...our words.  What words do you say often?  If someone is complaining it is so hot outside, you can go along and join in.  Another option is notice the sky and say, "WOW!  Look, the sky is the most beautiful shade of blue."  Imagine, the feeling of ahhhhh....this is bliss.  The people you are speaking to may look at you as though you have two heads.  But the whole thing is, it is their judgment of what you should be talking about or what reality is.  You can stand next to someone and be having two totally different experiences.  How your life plays out is the story you tell of it, to others and in your head.  

The story I tell is that I am a stay-at-home mommy of four who is an aspiring writer and I love life.  I choose to love my life as it is, knowing I have a bright future ahead of me.  I love to use words, they are very powerful, and as a writer they are a tool.  They are my paintbrush, my clay, my voice.  It is so fun to play with that!  Someone asks, "How are you?"  "I am peach keen-jellybean!"  That's from the movie Grease, Ii always loved that line.  There are many words that are so powerful in how they make you feel.  What I like to put out there in the  Universe is good-feeling words and energy, as much as possible.  Focusing on what I don't have is silly when I can live in the now, in my happy life.  Head in the clouds with my rose-colored glasses is really a magical feeling!   Play with what you say, YAY!  Why not have fun, with a pun!  Give it a whirl, be silly girl! I gave myself permission to be more fun and have more fun.  You just have to lighten up and let yourself be free.  Instead of saying you are feeling crappy, say you are happy.  You have nothing to lose.  Waiting for life to be perfect in every way is so boring.  Live joy now, in the moment.   

~Words are...

That's how I roll!  Sweet rolls like cinnamon bun!!!  Lil' sweet, little spicy! 

Words I love are:  Beautiful, amazing, rich, decadent, sweet, tasty, yummy, sparkly, fun, peachy, fun, uplifting, glowing, hugs, kisses, dancing, music, rocks, wonderlicous, vibes, twinkling, buttery, funky, flowery, summer, sunshine, bright, delightful, great, gorgeous, luscious, ravishing, tremendous, gleaming, jewels, gems, sexy, special, velocity, holidays, beach, vacay, exhilrating, enthusiatic, exotic, colorful, creamy, mocha, fresh, glamorous, foxy, fierce, sassy, spectacular, sensational, pretty, passionate, awesome, cool, jive, razz, cute, bootylicious, glam-tastic, hottie-latte, nourishing, new, zesty, merry, magical, radical, groovy, neat, swell, narly, fuzzy, unique, Jennylicious, blaze, siren, flame, light, spicy, tangy, juicy, jazzy, perfect, comical, crazy, vibrant, vivacious, voluptuous, velvety, shining, peaceful, lovely, & joyful.  Make up your own words, people do it everyday!

Speak from your joyous heart, authentic, truly as wacky as you want to be.  People will talk, they always do.  So give 'em something to talk about.  Make up your own damn language, I sure do.  I feel free as a bird.  Blossoming into my best self.  Blooming into a new me.  Letting myself rock and shine like diamond.  That makes my heart sing.  My heart is so filled with joy.  My heart's delight, it renews my spirit!  That's Roxy!  You're a gem!  Peaches and cream,  live out your dream!  Follow your bliss, give life a kiss!  Hello kitty, welcome to the city.  Have fun, soak up the sun!  Pretty as a daisy, fun and crazy!  Yummy food makes a good mood!   I have joy to share, like a care bear!The world is my oyster and I am the pearl.  I am beautiful.  I love myself.  I love life.  See how it feels!  It feels so yummy good to live from high vibes.  Act as if, you feel the way you want to feel.  Don't be shy, it's you're time to fly!  Love glitter for EVERYONE!  :)


  1. Love it! You are a word wizard!

  2. You paint an amazing picture with your smiling voice and vibrant energy - not to mention your colorful, happy words. I love your voice - the sound of your words, the music of your heart. You wield a powerful pen, sweetie! Paint away - I happily await your masterpieces! Love you!