Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why judge, when you can have hot fudge!

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.
What other people think of me is none of my business.  One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinion of other people.~Wayne Dyer

I love yummy quotes like these.  Judgment of ourselves and others is a major waste of energy.  When you think about your mind chatter and all the blah, blah, blah in it...it's hilarious.  Oh, no she didn't wear that, what the hell is she doing, why does she do that, that is wrong, I should be, I look fat, I never have enough time, damn neighbors cat is annoying...and on and on.  When we take a look at certain patterns of though like guilt, self-doubt, and judgement, realizing that we have the POWER to change it, it's quite freeing.  Observing your own thoughts and realizing you get to choose whether you believe them or want to replace them.  As you lean in the direction of being easier on yourself and others, by choosing more positive thoughts, the space is filled with peace, love, and joy (and clarity, ideas, there are endless possibilities because we really are geniuses, if we allow ourselves to believe it).  I know for myself, letting go of what others think of me, allows me to shine brighter and uplift others.  You can never be all things to all people.  Be yourself.  
Truly, living authentically from the place of your greatness and connection to the Universe opens the floodgates to MAJOR Love!  You love yourself, you love life, you love others, you love the sky, you love the birds, you love everyone.  It doesn't matter if there are people doing stuff you don't approve of.  That's judgment!  Mind your own beeswax and relax!  Who are we to say, anyway?  Allow others to do their thing.  Someone said, "You do you and I'll do me."  I read way too many brilliant things to remember who said what.  Just think of all the people who are doing stuff you like, that make you feel great, and you will see more of what you are focusing on.  If guilt or self-doubt crept in, they are judgments and think for a second...where is this coming from?  Oh dear, more dear.  Acknowledging it and moving on.  Old thoughts can be replaced.  We outgrow many physical things and also old thoughts.  I affirm for today, "I am fabulous."  Not when I get six pack abs!  Today, I am going to let all that other crap go and let myself feel how great I AM.  Write a list of how awesome you are.  Who cares what mistakes you have made or your past because that is gone.  You have today, start over, it's a brand new starting point.

There is going to be an opportunity, today, for you to speak from a higher place and this will be true for me too.  We have moments daily, where we can uplift or let go, and we feel lighter, freer, better.  When we gossip about others, dwell on the negative, nag others, lay the guilt or judgment on....what is the point?  You do not get points for being right.  I write for myself and others because everyday I grow, as I learn more, and I am beyond happy.  I did not always appreciate my life and I was searching for happiness.  I thought I want perspective, without tragedy.  I wanted to love and appreciate my life.   I wanted to be perfect also...but I let that one go.  I am perfect but not in the sense everyone thinks but in the of course, we are all perfect.  Food for thought:  What would you do or how would you be if...everyone truly cheered you on, accepted, and supported you.  Well, you teach people how to treat you, so you need to step up.  Take that first step, trusting that your inner being/Higher self/soul/spirit is cheering you on with glitter pom-poms!  I am right there too!  Cheering you=I believe in you, your dreams, and that you can make any changes you want to make.  I wish all of you the feeling of LOVE inside on every level.  $ending you all sprinkles for your hot fudge sundae!!!  :)  You Rock!  Shine on, you crazy diamond! 

P.S.  (Which stands for Pretty Sexy)  The secret to loving and appreciating my life was...loving and appreciating my life.  Stop bitchin', start switchin'!  STart thinking about what is working in your life.  Can you walk?  Start there.  Intention is everything.  If you intend to love and appreciate your life.  You will.  Wahoo!!!  Life is so wonderful.  Breathe in all the gooey goodness!!!

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