Sunday, February 5, 2012

FREE to be Queen B!

Queen Bee is a term used to describe the "it" girl, that other girls follow.  It's her confident energy that people are attracted to.  People see something in her, that they want to be.  Dressing like her, acting like her, or listening to her, can make them feel good, for a little while.  We've all gotten swept up in someone else's energy, even through boyfriends, or a group of people, like in a club.  Eventually, you realize that you are not really being you and want to be free.  That feeling of really being yourself, is the ultimate freedom.  As adults, we may even see celebrities, TV personalities, or spiritual gurus that seem to have it all, and we want what they are having.  But really, we can't.  We are not meant to be like anyone else.  And you want to feel, what it looks like they are feeling.  So decide to feel that NOW.  Practice feeling confident, sexy, carefree, smart, sassy, or whatever you want to be and BE it.  Also surround yourself with people who honor your uniqueness and are not threatened by you being different than them, is true friendship.  And we make the best friends, when we know and love ourselves.

I am my own Queen B now, but I remember floundering around, when I was younger, always feeling like a fish out of water.  It's cause I was really a mermaid.  :)  Thankfully I figured that out and embrace my true nature. But when I was in maybe fourth grade, I thought my friend was super-duper-cool and she said she liked this one TVshow.  I said that I did too, but I actually had never even heard of it. She was saying to her brother, remember that episode where...and they asked if I saw it.  I said yes.  They said that they had made it up.  I felt so dumb.  This scenario sounds like an episode off of a kid's show nowadays, teaching kids to not be a follower.  I see so many beautiful lessons I have had that led me to this very moment.  We learn through our experiences, if we are aware of ourselves, and life gets so much easier and way better. 

I went through cycles of being a follower, a leader, a hater, an appreciator, an envious-jealous-meany, a loving-supportive-uplifter, and more, when I was growing up.  When I was really truly being me, I had a blast, laughing and acting like a complete goof.  It wasn't really until after I turned thirty that I can really truly say that I really knew who I was.  I let myself be ME.  I let myself be FREE to be my own Queen B.  The B, for me, is beauty, blessings, bliss, bling, bootylicious, babies, bubbles, and soon lots of brouhaha.  I dream big for me and I wish well for all, because I know there is no competition.  When I really let myself be my sparkly Queen B self, I saw the possibilities were endless and decided what I wanted for me.  I stepped outside my own box and realized I am so much more than I ever knew and I could do anything, like write a book.  And I want my friends and everyone to succeed in ever way, to be happy, and to BE themselves.  We all have the power within us to be Queen B, of our own lives, creating what we want and living deliciously, fabulously, & happily after all.  We can all be Queen B, isn't that freeing!  Be ridiculously amazingly YOU!

This is dedicated to my BFF, Shannon, who I have always been myself with, and we have always loved and supported each other.  The very first time that we hung out, we were laughing so hard, we couldn't breathe.  There has never been any competition, we were more like the kind of Bees that like flowers, honey, and just flying around, not needing to be boss.  I am so blessed and lucky to know her, since we were in seventh grade, and watch her become this amazing woman and wonderful mother.  We are each other's biggest cheerleaders and we are going places, Baby!  My wish for you all is to have a friend like her and to be yourself, Queen B's!!!


  1. Beautiful message!

    Yes, there is such a thing as a Queen Bee. Throughout my middle school years and high school, my teachers used that term to describe me a lot. And I suppose in the "conventional" terms, I was what one would consider a "queen bee. Unfortunately I did not feel like one.

    Sometimes queen bees feel ashamed of being so, and I was one of those. I felt guilt at the attention and at the fact that other girls followed me when I felt I was not worth that follow.

    People think that queen bees have it all together, but in my case I did not. Just like you, I have now learned to be a true queen bee. Back then, i was not. It took a while to truly find myself and get away from allt he people who thought I was a queen bee, to truly find out who I am.

    I now love myself more than ever before and know I am a real queen bee! It's not about fashion, the way you look, who you know, what you have. It is about your inner-self, your soul, your authenticity and integrity. I have arrived...I am finally a queen bee!!

    Thanks for this great post!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful comment. :)