Friday, March 9, 2012

Ladies of love, light, & life!

I attended the eWomenNetwork conference in Atlantic City this week.  CRAZY CUPCAKES!  I was so intimidated at first.  I was going to see Lisa Nichols, the best-selling author who was featured in the book, the Secret.  My lovely mother had gotten us tickets.  I didn't know what to expect, but I got up early and dressed in my sassy sans-kids way, feeling very confident.  When I walked in, you could just feel the power of these women.  It was a buzz, a confidence, and a truly feminine-loving nature flowing around.  We heard lots of amazing women speak, each one giving me a piece of my puzzle, and confirming what was in my heart.  In the past, smart, successful, powerful women really intimidated me.  I felt that they were better than me.  I cowered inside, next to their confidence.  The women at this conference welcomed you, with open arms, to share what they know.

As we were asked to share about ourselves, handing out our business cards, I handed out scraps of paper with my name, number, blog, and facebook page on it.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere.  Every women I met was helpful, supportive, and inspiring.  I am still processing all that I heard and experienced that day.  If I wrote everything about day, it would be a small book.  I really wish I could impart what learned to everyone, because I really can't do it justice with words, but it was beyond transformational.  One of the most important things that I want to share is it got me to ask myself more questions and reminded me that I am a ROCKSTAR, as we all are.  Don't ever stop believing that!

Having to tell people about myself made me ask, who am I and what do I do?  It made me have to adjust and relax my energy into this, which help me build confidence.  I am a mother of four. I blog, write fiction, and am still cultivating just exactly what other awesomeness that I am going to do.  It was about me telling them what I plan on doing, not showing them until I start making it into a business or making money at it.  I know, in my bones, that I am going to be a successful writer, speaker, and more.  Writing that, is so much easier than telling a stranger...until now.  It made me stretch out of my comfort zone.  With each person that I spoke with, was first blown away that I have four kids, like it was twenty-five of them, and believed in me right away, that this was going to happen for me.  Many real soul connections were made, as each person really was a teacher and student, to each other.  I had to ask myself some hard, personal questions too.  Was I caring about what others thought, therefore stopping my own mojo?  Was I using my time wisely, sweating over things that don't matter?  Was I focusing on what I wanted?  Was I afraid to succeed?  What was my energy like, when people meet me (confident, open, loving, fun), I hope?  Do I feel stuck in any way?  What do I see for myself in the future?  What steps can I take towards that?  What are my intentions?  So many more, I am sure, but the idea is always to examine where you are at.  From a loving place within yourself, ask yourself questions.  And if you need assistance, ask and be open to receive what you need.

There were many laughs and stories shared by the speakers and by each lovely lady that I met.  I took many things, as signs from the Universe, confirming that I am right on track.  The message echoed throughout was, that there is no competition, we are all unique and a true gift to this world.  Keep dreaming big.  You can do it!  I thank all those women who were cheering myself and everyone on.  Marilyn Kleinberg was the organizer and I just love her personality, it's fun and refreshing.  I told her that what I loved about the eWomenNetwork Conference is that it was a great mix of business and spiritual energy.  Sandra Yancey, the founder of eWomenNetwork is so beautiful and inspiring. She spoke of being a mother and entrepreneur. She told her story about starting her business, empowering us all that we can achieve epic success.  Lisa Nichols spoke of having this dream in her belly, that if we have to give birth too, even if no one understands.  I felt like she was speaking to me and me alone.  She read my heart.  She exudes love.  If you ever get the chance to see her speak, be prepared to feel a real presence of magic.  It wasn't just a talk that she gave, but rather an experience, that I had.  I felt emotion well up in my heart, as I teared up. 

Even though, I don't know the how's yet, it confirmed deep-down in my soul that I am meant to do that.  I want to give talks like that.  Speaking so that I may uplift, inspire, empower, and cheer on other people.  I want to be an example to others, to teach them what I have learned.  I can see it now.  I will hand out glitter pom-poms at the door, not to cheer me on, but for them to cheer themselves on.  I will step up on that stage and we will have a blast, it will be so fun.  I will let my Light shine, leading the way, for those who forgot how awesome they are.  I will say, "Here is the way, here is a path, that may be less traveled but you will be so happy you took it.  Maybe you have never seen anyone do what you want to do, but maybe that's cause you are a badass pioneer, a rebel maverick, a sparkly firework, on the edge of glory, rockin' on that leading edge."  And I will end with:  "You are amazing, always remember that.  Stand up and cheer for yourselves, ROCKSTARS!  Rock & shine, like the brilliant diamond you are. I love you ALL!"  I will be up selling my novels and my fun-and-deep, Jennylicious guide to life, and my products too.  Dream big, while totally loving life today.  xoxo

And Mommy, thank you being the greatest teacher of my life and my biggest supporter.  One day, I think I'll be writing a book about you.  I'd also like to thank the women that I happen to have their names.  The rest of you, thank you, in spirit.  And to the people reading this, I send you a big, sparkly, cyber hug!  Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to share.

Lisa Marie
Carol Plummer-
Anne Glenning (My Mom)-


  1. My sweet, beautiful, awesome, glittery, tiara wearing, love sharing, ROCKSTAR of a friend,

    So beyond thrilled and excited for you!!!! I have my tickets for your first, second, third, fourth, fifth and.............conferences and I would be honored to hand out pom poms for you!!!!! I'm shaking my purple glitter ones for us now!!!!!

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beyond love,
    Karen xo

  2. I am so honored that you are my friend and that you believe in me and support me. You have, since the moment we first spoke. I am blessed to know you. YOU ARE SUCH A ROCKSTAR! I am cheering you on, excited for both of our futures! I love you!

  3. Precious Jenny! I am so grateful our souls have met in such love and appreciation! YOU are a Phenomenal Woman! You Shine Brilliantly and allow others to do the same-- I AM holding the Intention for you that All Your Dreams Come TRUE in it's Magnificence.

    In Love and Light always!

    1. WOW! Shaun, you filled my heart. Your yummy words are like candy for my soul. What a gem you are. I feel blessed to be connected to you. xoxo

  4. Jenny,
    What a beautiful article and tribute to our amazing day as women locking arms and sharing! You are truly a bright shining star!!!
    PS I still have your piece of paper/business card!