Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock on with your true self!

I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning, crumbs just love to hang out in my kitchen.  I love how much sunlight that streams in, making it a bright day, in every way.  I started thinking back to years ago, when I wanted people to think I was good at cleaning.  Why?  I thought if they thought I kept a clean house, that meant good mom, which mean good person.  I was trying so hard to make other people think I was nice, good, funny, smart, pretty, skinny, spiritual, loyal, and a lot of other crap.  I have always been really aware of what I was feeling and thinking, which sometimes felt like it was out of control.  I did not know I really could shift my thinking.  I wanted to have more money and a nicer house, so that others would think I had more value, was more important, or cooler.  Being in the space of letting others opinions, thoughts, ideas, fills up your head kills your spirit.  And you do not know who you are. 

What do you want?  Why?  How will that make you feel?  Asking myself that, I thought I would feel better about myself if others thought I was really great.  That's not giving any power away, is it? Try all of it!  People are going to think what they want, which has nothing to do with you, you can't climb in their head and change it.  In feeling good about myself, that would make me happy.  Not the cycle of...I am happy, now I am mad, I am mad, I am OK, dependent on outside circumstances.  You cannot control what others do, even your kids, they are not robots.  And some people will think you are a good parent if you do it their way and a bad parent if you don't.  Staying out of other people's parenting really frees up time, for sure.  I can have an opinion about it, but I don't have to share it.  My experience with parenting is, you change your mind, revise rules, you make mistakes, so it's hard to really stand on a soap box too long.   Funny thing is, in some way I was always going against the grain with parenting, like sharing a bed with baby, making them vegetarians, etc.  I was getting judged and I hated it.  Just smile, laugh, and walk throws them off. 

Some people declare, "I don't care what the hell anyone thinks."  And you totally do not believe them.  They say it as a defense.  It's really hard to not care at ALL, totally detached.  You are going to be too much for some and not enough for others.  I sure am.  And I can say I don't care, most of the time. I tried to be one size fits all, which is impossible.  In writing my novel, some people will love it, some will not.   It is preference and I didn't write it for everyone.  Some people would rather read about bugs and isn't it great they have that option.  If I did not start thinking differently, I would have never stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote a book.  Never in a million years, would i have thought I would make rap videos on youtube.  I am just being myself now, however that leads me, and it is so exciting.  My ego will chime in with some fun thoughts like what would so and so think.  Well, so and so can think I am whatever they want.  I am not living so and so's life. Thank God.  Cause I would suck at being them.  I am a real good me.  And ultimately, that's all that matters. And it you don't like it, oh well.  ;) 

Don't let others define or put you in a box.  And don't do that to yourself.  If you feel inspired to do or be something, go for it.  Never fall for the, "Moms can't do that or I'm too old. to do that."  Who says?  Not so and so again!!!   

This is a post on my facebook page, that goes along perfectly with this.  I am talking to YOU directly!   ROCK ON!!!!/pages/Peace-Love-Joy-Sparkles/122323451185965

“You are one of a kind, an authentic masterpiece, a genuine original, a unique and special individual! Doesn't that feel WONDERFUL! That also means that you are to follow your own path, not concerned with what others think. They are steering their own ship, you steer yours. BE YOU! The way you, or others, may have defined you, or labeled you, is OVA!!! OVER, DONE, FINITO! If you feel that you were put in a box by others or you did it to yourself, now you know better. YOU ARE FREE! Well, at my age, or Moms can't do that, what would people think...BLAH x 3. What "they" think is none of your beeswax anyway. Don't give other people power over you. No excuses to not living your life for YOU. And when you are a happy, fulfilled, secure person, your relationships are amazingly deep. Remember this is YOUR life and YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING! Now act like it! ;) xoxo”


  1. love you, you bedazzled, sparkling hippie

  2. Awww...Thanks Bill!!! I just adore you! You are the LOVE revolution-I love you!!!